#1061 Mikhail Gherman – ad man, creative maestro, artiste?

Drawing: Mikhail Gherman

It’s Mikhail Gherman‘s birthday today, and right now he and a crew of revelers are celebrating at a bar on Ponsonby Road. As well as being a top creative director at Publicis Mojo, husband to Karen Walker and regular mentor to me, it would seem Mikhail has quite the talent for drawing. I’ve just been sent the above picture – drawn by Mikhail in a quick-art competition with acclaimed Kiwi photographer Deb Smith. I haven’t seen Deb’s picture, but his one gets a hearty Yarrrrr from me. Happy Birthday Mikhail! Here’s to another 46 (or 47).

They’ve just sent me Deb’s picture too, feel free to compare and contrast, rate and debate in the comments below.

Drawing: Deb Smith


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  1. Anonymous says

    Loves Debs pic, its cute but then theres like this little bit of darkness i think the bird is what adds that, actually the tree reminds me a bit of one of her older photos for Scotties with these girls sitting in a tree.

    Mikhails pic is cool, kinda comic but we have all drawn a pirate before… maybe not with as much artistic skill though hmmmm…

  2. says

    Mikhail obviously loves a mangy, seedy sailor with poor dental habits as much as the rest of us. loves it.

    Deb’s looks like something out of Tim Burton (this, of course, is a good thing).

    more drawings isaac!

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