#1063 Backstage at Raf Simons

Michael Whittaker – Photos: Steve Wood

I arrived early at Raf Simons and went straight backstage to watch the action unfold – the hair, the makeup, the catwalk rehearsals, the backstage photographers getting in the way while the dressers tried to get the models into first looks, the makeup touch ups, the outfit tweaking, the lineup, the countdown. If last season’s Raf Simons collection was a journey into luxury suiting with a conservative twist, this season was all about the body. Buttons and velcro strips adorned every piece, allowing the garments to be pulled and stretched around the body to achieve figure hugging contours or stretched out exaggerated shapes. Knitwear was key, with lambswool wraparound skirts (yes, skirts) over long, tight woolen tops, and the long layering so common this season appeared in sweaters underneath suit jackets. Last season seemed to be all about looking back, and this season couldn’t have been more progressive. The final look featured a plastic parka, velcroed and shaped to achieve a jacket that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a spaceship. [Excerpt from this blog.]

Photos below, with Adrian Sahores, Johanes Linder, Nick Rea, William Eustace, Lucas Mascarini and more.

Adrian Sahores

Nick Rea, Felix Schopgens and Johanes Linder

Lucas Mascarini

Oskar Tranum

Nick Rea

Lucas Mascarini

Adrien Sahores and William Eustace


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