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Screengrab: The Cut

Oh my most exciting of extremely exciting moments. This last week has been a good one. First off, linked a couple of times by Jezebel (my favourite go-to guide for celebrity, sex and fashion for women), and now, The Cut has used my Tavi Gevinson/Siri Tollerod Twitpic from backstage at Christian Dior Couture. Holla! It’s an interesting article too – all about how magazine editors and buyers are complaining about the proliferation of bloggers at fashion shows; in front row seats, getting freebies and all the attention.

The editors’ argument is that bloggers are only there because they won’t say anything scathing or honest about the collections, that they’re “wide-eyed and obsessed,” and that they lack the “critical faculties to know what’s good and what’s not.” Like The Cut rightfully says, how many fashion magazines can you name that slam designers/their advertisters or refuse freebies? And who are the editors to say that the bloggers don’t have those critical faculties? I’ll be the first to admit that it takes time to build up sufficient knowledge to be able to adequately critique collections, but that’s just an issue of experience. Good taste can be found in a person no matter what their age, social class, gender, race, job title or any other such limiting factor.

Also, like The Cut rightfully says, critiquing designers and risking getting in their bad books is scary as hell. For anybody. But particularly if you’re a blogger (or a small independent publisher) and don’t have a massive organisation behind you to back up your opinion or to push back once pushed. How easy is it for a PR agent or designer to just bar someone from their shows? Very. And if you’re barred from the shows, how can you accurately report on them? I’ve seen shows in the flesh and I’ve seen shows on live-streams and in photographs, and nothing compares to the real-life version. I’d even say that with the poor quality and tiny screen size of the live-streamed videos, you get a more accurate impression of the clothes from photos.

So lay off the bloggers! Especially Tavi, because she’s obviously intelligent and passionate about what she’s doing. Is it the job of every writer to critique? You have stylists and photographers to interpret the clothing, why can’t a writer interpret the clothing in a similar way?

Special thanks to Telecom XT for providing me with the phone and global roaming to actually be able to take that Twitpic.


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  1. says

    I’m barring you from all my shows, Isaac. Forever. I mean it. You fashion bloggers just piss me off with your free suits and short pants, with your self-entitlement and your shiny, bouncy curls. You and your fancy schmancy phone can eat it. It’s over.

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