#1065 The Lover

There’s a play named The Lover by Harold Pinter opening in Auckland tonight. I know virtually nothing about it, besides the fact that it’s a two-person piece about sex, adultery, desire, fantasy, jealousy and all that sort of good stuff. But it’s the team behind it all that’s most exciting for me.

Set design – Katie Lockhart. Alongside designing all of Karen Walker’s stores, The Department Store and window displays at Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market, Katie has shot with Wallpaper and lots of other great titles. I met Katie for the first time two days ago – totally awesome.

Costumes – Kirsty Cameron. I met Kristy last year when she was working on the costumes for a giant international TV commercial – all the boys were dressed up in elaborate sperm outfits (but now that I think about it, they might have been clouds). And I’ve just found out that the suits are Crane Brothers. I thought I recognised the one in the promo shots.

Producer – Tara Riddell. I did a day’s work as a runner on a TV commercial for Tara about four years ago when I’d just gotten back from living in Toronto. I crashed the van. It was a short lived career.

Hair – Stephen Marr, makeup – Amber D… Need I say more?

I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that Derek Henderson shot the promotional images, and that’d be why they look so good. Ok I’ve just found out they were shot by Tim White. The posters were shot by Derek.

So the details are: 3 – 13 February at The Basement Theatre. Tickets: $20. You can book them online here.


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