#1066 Backstage at Lanvin

Lucas Ossendrijver, Alber Elbaz, Jakob Hybolt, Alex Dunstan and Jeremy Young – Photos: Steve Wood

Lanvin is always my favourite show of the Paris week. Not just for the clothes or the opportunity to stare unashamedly at Alber Elbaz (though both are good enough reasons), but for the food. You’d think with all the money these designers throw at their fashion shows, they could afford a few croissants. Mais non, Lanvin is the only house to feed its guests. This time, caramel macaroons and peppermint tea. Exactly what you feel like on the morning of the final day. I arrived late and sat on the stairs about a metre and a half from Pharrell Williams, who was standing chatting to Kanye West while Amber Rose posed for photographers nearby. Click here for the whole story. And here for all my catwalk photos.

All the backstage pics below, with Johanes Linder, Alber Elbaz, Lucas Ossendrijver, Benoni Loos, Jeremy Young, Alex Dunstan and way more.

Johanes Linder

Lucas Ossendrijver

Alber Elbaz

Alex Johansson and Gabriel Grönvik

Alber Elbaz touching up Benoni Loos

Peter Bruder

Jeremy Young and Callum Wilson

Benoni Loos and Alex Dunstan

Colin Dack

Danny Arter and Felix D

Thomas Penfound

Niclas Hüntelmann

James Smith

Alex Johansson

Ross Crawford, Callum Wilson and Alex Dunstan

Callum Wilson


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