#1068 Is Slash in the city?

Everybody’s favourite top hatted axeman, Slash from Guns’n’Roses, is apparently in Auckland right now. According to a source, he was just seen walking down Auckland’s Karangahape Road. The sighting would seem to conflict with Slash’s own Twitter account, however, with one of his latest tweets saying, “Thurs the 4th I’ll be performing w/Beth Hart at George Lopez’ Help Haiti Benefit at the Nokia Theater.” It’s a little after three in the afternoon (the third) right now in Los Angeles, so if he caught a flight tonight NZ time, he could still make it back for the show. If anybody has any more sightings, please let me know – isaac@isaaclikes.com


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  1. oldgirl says

    you are all so cool not liking Slash, I am sure you would all be up doing your best air guitar impression if November rain comes on at a party. He is not in town from what he says on Twitter. Yes I am a big fan got the c.d.seen the band and loved his book. so shoot me for being old and liking live music

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