#1073 Backstage at Paul Smith

Yuri Pleskun – All photos: Steve Wood

“Alright boys, that was good, that was good, but some of you were looking a bit glum, a bit down beat. I want you to be full of energy, you’re having fun, you’re on your way out to a party. Let’s do it!” I’m sitting backstage at Paul Smith, and the man himself has just finished his preshow pep talk. All the boys are cheering. In a corner of the room sits a 20-or-so-year-old English model named Jonny. He’s being interviewed by an Italian fashion TV channel. As it ends, they tell him to say hello to the camera. “Who am I saying hello to?” he enquires. “Say hello to whoever you want,” comes the reply. He looks straight down the barrel. “Hello to whoever I want!” Then, pausing, “Oh wait, let’s do that again. That last bit made me sound like a proper wanker didn’t it?” The boys cheer again. Click here for the whole story.

All the photos below, with Jethro Cave, Marcel Castenmiller, Ethan James, Ty Ogunkoya, Armando Cabral and Paul Smith.

Jethro Cave and ?

Ty Ogunkoya and ?

Ethan James, Marcel Castenmiller and Tomek S

?, Jonny, Stephane, ?


Jethro Cave and Frey Mudd


Jonny, Paul Smith and Armando Cabral


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  1. Nicole P says

    My dad loves paul smith! wont get any other shirt. He loves all the hidden details like the differnt fabric inside the cuffs! for this i applaud him and his working attire.

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