#1074 Auckland Fashion Festival announced

Auckland’s first ever Fashion Festival (the NZ Fashion Week organisers’ one, not that other one) has just been officially announced, and I’ve got the details. It’ll be a one day/night in-season (Autumn/Winter) show on Tuesday 16 March. 16 designers, including Adrian Hailwood, Cybele, Workshop, Huffer, Juliette Hogan, Kate Sylvester, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Trelise Cooper and Zambesi will show 10 looks each. Tickets are $45, and are limited to 700 guests. The event will also include the New Zealand Garage Sale, and live music mixed by George FM DJs. Being an in-season show, everything you see on the catwalk will be available for sale in stores at the time. The whole thing follows the newest trend in fashion – accessibility. Everyone’s doing it; Burberry, Prada, Z Zegna and Dior Homme all live streamed their shows for the public to see at the menswear Fashion Weeks last month, and it’s just the beginning. You can buy your Fashion Festival ticket online now from iTicket. And, yes, that’s the logo above. Will you go?


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  1. says

    the festival is a great idea. it’s bound to do well, and can only be good for local fashion in generally. fantastic stuff.

    but the logo? Epic fail. sorry.

    fashion is about good design. I can’t see any relationship between this logo and fashion, and I certainly can’t see any evidence of good design.

  2. Jo says

    I like the fact that it’s a public show, but the fact that it’s in-season actually really turns me off – why would I want to spend $45 to see something on a runway when I could literally walk into a shop and try it on my own body for free?

    The joy of the shows (when I can get in which isn’t very often) is seeing something new and fresh and getting excited about next season!

    Oh and the logo is terrible. It kind of looks like a bad-Ashley-Judd-thriller-movie-title.

  3. says

    I would say that the point of going to the show is to see how the designer styles and presents their clothing as a collection – which is far more creative and holistic than just seeing individual pieces hanging on a rack.

    Plus it’s the vibe! The spectacle, the excitement, the models, the whole package. It’s the vibe.

    That said, if you went to fashion week 09 you would have seen all the collections anyway – it’s the winter ranges all over again.

  4. says

    went to iticket to have a look and noticed Barkers is in the line up. Barkers a designer store???? what a joke. Maybe if they entered as Little Brother, even then……

    that aside i think anything that exposes fashion in NZ is great.

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