#1076 I love Kanye West

“I feel bad that people believe this kind of stuff or any random rumor that is taken as fact because ‘it’s on the internet.’ This rumor is particularly ironic because I was actually happy with a business class seat and was offered a seat in first class. A friend of mine was sitting in coach so asked if they could bump him up to business instead of putting me in first. There was absolutely no altercation in any way. There’s been many a time where I’ve given someone in coach my business or first class seat in order to sit next to a friend I bumped into. I really could care less about where I sit on the plane. It’s hard to deal with the rumors sometimes. As a good person with a warm heart, it does bother me. I’m not bigger than feeling pain, embarrassment, stress and worry. Have you ever been lied on??? How does it make you feel??? You wanna tell everybody it’s not true right? Thank you to all my fans who still love and support me even though it’s not the trend right now! I’m sleeping in the studio and I won’t let you guys down!”

[Kanye’s Blog – in response to a rumoured meltdown over being given a business class seat.]

Does anybody else feel bad for Kanye West? That guy gets such a hard time constantly. I’m so into him. He’s talented, makes the most amazing music and he’s so honest and uncompromising in his approach. People constantly call him arrogant and big headed, but he’s just telling it like it is.

All I can go by is my own personal experience – hearing him speak at his pre-show press conference in Auckland in 2008. I found him to be incredibly intelligent, well-spoken and an all round insightful character.

On being quoted saying “Hip Hop is over”:
“I didn’t say that, that’s a complete paraphrase. What does that mean? That statement, hip hop is over for me now… That quote is, like, so wrong, I never said that… It disturbs me that they paraphrase me and say ‘Kanye said that hip hop is over’, I would never say anything like that.”

On his knowledge of New Zealand hip hop:
“I’m like completely just an ignorant like big artist and stuff and I admit to that. You know how artists all cool like they down and stuff, I’m just so not down!”

The price of fame.


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  1. simone says

    i am a huge kanye fan and i love that you are putting it out there that you still like him. understandably he has done some stupid things but hasnt everyone? he is constantly misquoted but he lives on seemingly getting stronger each time. now if only people could leave him alone and just listen to his music the world would be a better place. thanks isaac for standing up for him 😀

  2. Anonymous says

    He is a moderately good musician with an outsized ego and he does get hated on but I think his disgustingly disproportionate income should make thing easy enough to bear that he could stop being a whiny little b*tch whenever someone says something mean on the internet.

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