#1083 The perils of being a male model

Nick Snider – not the male model in question. Photo: The Huffington Post

I was sitting in my room, minding my own business a couple of days ago when I received this message on Facebook from a middle-aged Western-European man who had recently added me as a friend. “Hi Isaac, you know John Smith*? Are you model? You friends with John Smith? You want see nude pictures of John Smith?” (*Not his real name.) “Yes I know John, no I’m not a model, he’s a friend, why are you trying to show me naked pictures of him?” I replied. “I have naked pictures of John Smith,” he added helpfully, just in case I hadn’t gotten the point the first time. Over the next few days, the same thing happened again and again – the same guy offering to show me the same naked pictures.

So this morning, I sent my friend ‘John Smith’ an email, telling him about the encounter. John is a successful male model, on a fast upward trajectory right now. He replied straight away, saying that the creepy middle-aged man had been contacting lots of his friends and family members saying similar things about naked photos, and that he was in the process of doing something about it.

He also mentioned that another male model he knew had had a similar experience with a creepy older man – but this creepy older man really did have naked photos of the model and was distributing them over the internet. Nice.

Apparently it’s not too rare an occurrence for male models. I’d always imagined sleazy obsessive guys to be heterosexual with shrines erected to their starlet of choice, but obviously that’s a naive imagining on my part. Dirty stalkerish men will be dirty stalkerish men, regardless of their race, age, income level or sexual orientation.

Kinda makes you feel less inclined to go around accepting any old friend requests doesn’t it.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I bet if the guy was offering nude pictures of Michael Whittaker it would’ve been an enthusiastic ‘YES PLEASE SEND THEM THROUGH NOW ALL OF THEM YES YES YES!’

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