#1088 Felix Terpstra headed for… Korea?

Photo: Thom Kerr

I’ve just read on the blog of Dunedin-based agency Ali McD (mother agent to Stella Maxwell and Nicole Clulee) that Felix Terpstra is finally heading overseas. Felix was probably my favourite New Zealand-based new face of 2009, and I was very excited to see him get out into the world and try his luck on the international scene. Fast forward a few months and he’s been living in Auckland a while, but besides a couple of tests and Remix editorials, his workload seems to have been pretty quiet of late. New Zealand is a hard market for male models full stop, but if you’re an edgy boy, forget about it. But I must say I was surprised to discover that the country of choice for his first international foray was Korea. Tokyo or Sydney would have been far more traditional destinations – for a reason. When I was working as a booker a few years back, Korea was the one country whose clients we forced to pay upfront. Bouncing cheques and forgotten payments were commonplace in the Korean market – at least when I was at the agency. So it’s with that in mind that I wish Felix the best of luck overseas, I hope he’s got an airtight contract signed.


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  1. Anonymous says

    We all love Felix…

    Its great Felix is having international interest however nothing is confirmed as of yet for any destination……
    watch this space!

    See you soon!

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