#1091 Karen Walker Fall 10/11 – The hills are alive…

All photos: WWD

Karen Walker made a full departure from all things nautical this season, with a collection inspired by two quite disparate (but equally influential) musical hits of the 1960s – Bob Dylan and The Sound of Music. The Bob Dylan references were immediately apparent – a sheepskin lined jacket, navy woolen parka and a massively over sized cable knit scarf. Printed cloths are always a motif in Karen Walker’s collections, and this season they took their cue from Maria’s resourcefulness in The Sound of Music – reused curtains in kitsch florals and hippie woodland scenes. For those who can’t stomach a head to toe pattern on pattern look, there were plenty of Walker’s masculine blazers and tailored pants to choose from, in everything from grey, navy and rust-orange wools and velvets to forest green suiting (see above). The most exciting thing for me though – Karen Walker’s first printed sweatshirt in something like six seasons. It showed up in dropped shouldered grey marle, alas the full print was hidden behind one of those chunky scarves. My first foray into Karen Walker menswear came in multiple purchases of her printed tees and sweatshirts – I used to buy them in every colour option. Here’s hoping she’ll do a few more for the boys.

All the looks below.


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  1. says

    Sound of Music + Bob Dylan = yes please.
    Love it love it.
    She actually gets better each season. Happiness.
    Thanks for the speedy post! where did you get the images from??

  2. says

    okay this time im going to blame the humidity and sunburn. that ok?

    i think i just get too excited, then read too fast “must…. see… pictures….” and miss out whole words/sentences.

    silly female.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am a massive KW fan, but this is one of her worst collections in a long time. I absolutely love the first outfit and a few of the coats, but the dresses, suits, sheepskin, entire colour palette…it’s all hideous!

  4. Anonymous says

    Agree whole heartedly with above comment. i’m also a huge KW fan but this all just looks uninspiring and apart from a few pieces its a bit of a mess! whats going on??

  5. says

    I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to everyone, its certainly less pretty or feminine than seasons past. But i do really like a lot of it – especially for winter.

    The strongest looks I found were the monochrome tan/camel outfit, the ochre-hued printed skirt/jumper look (very 70s art teacher, which is awesome). The little grey Rolf-esque jackets, all the trousers, and that patterned suits reminiscent of the curtain outfits from the film. Oh and that shaggy white jacket.

    And I did love all the prints, but then I’m a sucker for “ugly” prints.

    But that’s all just me!

  6. Charlotte says

    i love and hate it. digging the fur lined jackets and pants, but the sound of music inspired print is gag inducing. oh love the knee socks too, cute.

  7. Nicole P says

    I quite like it! Well i prefer it to some of her collection thats in store. Thought there were to many boring tshirts and big, baggy, balooney jumpers.
    I defintley see her designs and collections almost, well not improving but becoming a bit different and I think thats a positive! I love how shes doing more and more one off pieces.

  8. Anonymous says

    This is one of the most cohesive and on the button collections I have seen recently. I don’t agree with the negative comments. The velvet, the cord, the sheepskin and the colour palette are on the money.

  9. julie says

    i quite like it except the thought of wearing sheepskin makes me spew in my mouth a little. i think the toned down colour palette works quite well, as a whole it is less 16 year old girl than her previous collections. apart from the sheep, i’d be happy to wear the majority of it.

  10. says

    I think the collection is inspiring, forward, individual, wearable, simple. I can’t wait to see how her fans in Japan wear it! Anyone else read that article?

    I want that sheep dressed as a suitcase!

  11. Sarah Stad says

    To fashion westie,
    Do you mean the article in Fashion Quarterly about Karen’s legion of Japanese fans?! OMG They are OBSESSED with her!! So cool that they love her and send her all that stuff.

  12. Anonymous says

    I’ve looked through the runway shots and I love the collection. Isaac – have you read the report on Style.com? They loved it too. The best thing I can see from the clothes is that Karen’s heading away from the 80’s influences that have been overshadowing fashion so much these past few seasons. Love it.

  13. Anonymous says

    It’s the dullest thing I’ve seen in ages. Unlike some of KW’s previous collections this one’s not even humorous! I don’t see anything that would be flattering to a woman in this collection. Where’s the sophistication? Where’s the sexiness?

  14. says

    I love the midnight blue velvet! I think that this collection is fantastic, I’m over the 80s-esque stuff everywhere, and the inspirations for this collection are pretty damn cool.

  15. Anonymous says

    wow. its amazing how much passion some people are putting into hating a collection………..Can you link us to your work so we can see where your point of view is coming from? maybe to at least validate your credibility?

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