#1094 Blazers that button ALL the way up

Patrik Ervell Fall 2010 – Photos: The Fashionisto

It’s good to have obsessions. They help keep your mind off things like heartbreak or hunger or homework. I have this friend Anna Beath who once told me that she often day dreams about winning first division Lotto, and what she’d do with the money. It got me started. The possibilities were endless, as was the amount of time spent thinking about it – and if time is the most precious commodity, then surely time well wasted trumps time poorly spent. I already have sweaters and beige pants and religion and relationships to obsess over, plus more recently boiled wool and bottle green, but I can now add blazers that button all the way up.

I know I had a go at the Trelise Cooper Air New Zealand blazers that did a similar thing, but those were different. They just buttoned high with a tiny lapel, rather than buttoning all the way up with a flipped lapel. And I’ve recently learned that those blazers aren’t even making their way into production anyway. The blazers that button all the way up obsession began in Milan I believe (though I can’t remember at which show), but was cemented at Patrik Ervell on Saturday.

I think it looks best with the top and bottom button undone, like our old mate Matvey Lykov is wearing in the top photo. And imagine it in bottle green. Obsessed!

Photo: NYMag

And there it is at Lacoste. A bit more kelly than bottle, but I’ll take it.


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