#1095 Lindsey Wixson’s walking contradiction

Lindsay Wixson – Photo: NYMag

Just 10 days ago The Cut reported that 15 year old model Lindsey Wixson had requested a flesh coloured bra on the set of a recent W editorial because her top was see-through. In her words, “I’m 15 and even though I freaked a little, I know for a fact that my mom would freak ten times as much. I just couldn’t be flashing everyone out there.” I was impressed – not every 15 year old would have the confidence to make such a request; and not every magazine would allow it. So I was very surprised to see Lindsey Wixson (above) in the Lacoste show today, wearing a see-through top. Did her attitude change in the last fortnight or did the Lacoste stylists not allow her to wear a cover-up?


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  1. Anonymous says

    The Lacoste stylists probably didn’t allow it – and with good reason. Flesh coloured bra = amateur and tacky (e.g. certain NZFW shows). They look super lame and make the clothing bunch in the wrong places.

    On an editorial shoot you can hide/disguise/retouch an ugly flesh coloured bra – but not on the runway.

  2. Anonymous says

    She probably didnt realize that the folds in the shirt and cardigan were as sheer as they were and didnt cover her breasts and the cardi/jacket probably sat closed when she dressed and opened when she walked.

  3. charlotte says

    they probs didn’t allow, she’s to be primarily a human coat hanger modelling the clothes, boobs and age are irrelevant backstage. (though i remember being extreeemely self-concious as a young teen, poor girl, i’d feel so ‘shame’.)

  4. emily d says

    If they make the clothing bunch in the wrong places, then bras are never something you should wear with the clothing?  wtf.

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