#1099 Tavi Gevinson – child blogger, conscript?

Tavi Gevinson backstage at Marc Jacobs – Photos: Steve Wood

She might be the wunderkind of the fashion blog community, but now, it would seem, even the US Army wants a piece of the Tavi Gevinson action. I kid. But this is why I love Steve Wood – that guy always gets the good shot.

More of Tavi below, including one with Bryanboy.


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  1. Nicole P says

    Im never sick of tavi! Her outfits may be slightley a mess, but its great becuse its different. Definitley have to respect her individuality. Amazing to have such flair at a young age.

  2. says

    i respect tavi but not exactly a fan of her style… on a side note though, did you hear about the 5 year old blogger racked hired? so bad!

  3. says

    I seriously don’t understand the type of people who would hate on a 13 year old girl. It doesn’t make sense to me. She’s 13. She’s precocious, intelligent and creative. Give the girl a break!

  4. says

    There is nothing wrong with ‘hating on’ a 13 year old girl who choses to live in a world of adults. Just because she is 13, it does not allow her any sort of handicap.

    And is it really “Amazing to have such flair at a young age.”? Most young children/adolescents throw on all manor of ridiculous clothing. Just like Tavi.

    Well done to her for achieving much more than any other ‘fashionista’ would in their entire lifetime, but seriously, if her outfits were on anybody else, they would certainly not be called intelligent or creative.

  5. charlotte says

    i have so much love/respect for tavi (sounds so lame, i don’t even know her! nor will i probably ever). kid is crazily articulate and witty (with a really good, dry sense of humour), and i love her style, she is an individual. she kinda reminds me of an up and coming chloe sevigny, with more fashion bravado; hells yeah.

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