#1106 New Zealand’s Next Top Model coming back in 2010

Photo: Andy Pickering

First, New Zealand’s Next Top Model had been scrapped, then a return to screens was a ‘distinct possibility‘, then an exciting announcement was hyped on the show’s Facebook fan page. The latter was a surprise to TV3’s group publicist Nicole Wood, who told me that if there was an announcement to be made, she would be the one making it – and she hadn’t. Unusual, seeing as the Facebook page is controlled by TV3 – perhaps some overzealous minion got trigger happy before the self-imposed embargo was lifted. No update has been made on the fan page since, but TV3’s own website has begun calls for pre-applications.

The New Zealand Herald broke the story on Friday, reporting that New Zealand’s Next Top Model will return to screens later this year, and will once again feature season one’s judging panel – superagent Sara Tetro, model Colin Mathura-Jeffree and photographer Chris Sisarich.

UPDATE: The below statement (in italics) that Christobelle is not signed with Next is incorrect. This from 62 Models: “Christobelle is signed with Next, but they don’t have her up on their website because she doesn’t have the necessary US Work Visas.” Apologies for the mistake.

One little mistake that must be pointed out in the Herald‘s article though, is the information given about season one winner Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie. The Herald wrote that after winning the competition, Christobelle went on to be signed by Sydney agency Chic and New York agency Next. While Christobelle is listed as a model on Chic’s website, a thorough search on Next’s proved fruitless. One would assume that had she been signed by Next, she’d be listed on their site. Pity, because the Chic/Next relationship is one of the most symbiotic in the modelling world – producing stars such as Abbey Lee, Catherine McNeil and Myf Shepherd.

Besides a few test shoots and one ad for Christian Audigier featuring Michael Whittaker and other NZNTM alumni Hosanna Horsfall, Christobelle’s workload looks to have been particularly light since winning the competition. I hate to be cynical – and I hope to be proved wrong – but it would seem she has met the fate of almost every other winner of a Top Model competition worldwide; a blast of fame, before fading into relative fashion obscurity – not quite the career trajectory of a top model.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Pretty funny that on the TV3 site Sara Tetro says:
    “Christobelle has been an amazing success story…”

    They should run that little gem on a Tui billboard!

  2. says

    That’s a fair point. I guess overseas the girls are generally at least 18 years old and ready to work fulltime.

    We’ll wait to see what she does after she’s finished high school.

  3. MyCool says

    So happy when I found out.. Chic also spelt Christobelle’s surname wrong, isn’t it “Ryrie” not “Rymie”.. Let the private school jokes continue this cycle haha.

  4. says

    you kind of get the impression she doesn’t care too much about modelling? Maybe she’s biding time, maybe she won’t take off, or maybe she’s just enjoying our long hot sticky summer! But I’m glad to hear the show’s coming back to TV – I really enjoyed the first cycle and loved the judges. NZ is putting out some great stuff right now, Masterchef is pretty slick too I think. Don’t get me started on NZ’s best home baker though 😉 Colin should stay with modelling shows!

  5. Anonymous says

    I doubt the mention of Christobelle being signed to Next NY is a mistake. It’s also in the longer press release on the TV3 site.

    As mentioned, unlike Laura/Hosanna/Ruby/Victoria, Christobelle is still in school. She’s probably listed on Chic because there is actually a chance of her getting away to Australia on weekends or holidays if there were an attractive enough job, but New York would be impossibly time consuming and expensive for her at this stage.

    She’s probably not listed on Next NY’s site yet simply because she probably won’t be available to work in New York until 2011.

    Gotta say though, I wish she hadn’t gone back to school for Year 13. She’s done enough to “keep her options open” already if she got NCEA Level 2. Still, it’s her decision I guess. *shrug*

  6. says

    Right you are, Anon – I’ve just amended the copy above.

    According to 62, Christobelle is signed with Next but they don’t have her up on their website because she doesn’t yet have the necessary US Work Visas.

    Apologies for the mistake.

  7. Anonymous says

    Good on her for finishing school! She may want to do something beyond modeling either straight away or in the future and a full education will help this. A pretty face and a personality will get you a long way, but there are many jobs where actual education and academic qualifications are kind of useful!

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