#1108 – Layers, patch pockets, tortured artists and the colour green – my picks of the week from New York

Rag and Bone – What better way to keep warm than wearing your entire winter wardrobe in one go?

Timo Weiland – If you’re only going to buy one heavy green suit this winter…

Richard Chai – Because sometimes you just want to dress like a mechanic from the Bronx, but in really, really luxurious fabrics.

Patrik ErvellLike I said, blazers that button all the way up are my new obsession. Leave the top and bottom buttons undone and you’re good to go. And three cheers for the patch pocket – jets are for sissies.

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Nothing screams ‘tortured artist’ like overcoats, full-volume pants, delicate knitwear and Shakespeare-era hair.

J Sabatino – Denim pants, check. Suspenders, check. German expressionist sunglasses, check check check.

Generra – I want to say it’s the green, or the pyjama-chic shirt and cardigan twin set, but really, I just like it how his hat kinda looks like a condom.

Duckie Brown – Chanel made a killing flogging boucle suits to wealthy ladies, why can’t the same principle work for menswear? Only in mismatched colours and teddy-boy shapes.

Thom Browne – Who needs models when you look this good in your own clothes?


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    hi,Issac,how are you?? Great today!

    Thanks for you reply,and sorry for tooooo late reply.
    How was men’s collection,
    Had you met Mr Take again somewhere??

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