#1109 Ella Drake on Gucci F/W 2010 show exclusive?

Photo: models.com

If I’m not mistaken, New Zealand model (and Gucci fit-model) Ella Drake appears to be on a Gucci show exclusive for Milan Fashion Week. This just showed up on models.com overnight: “Blonde, blue eyed, and signed to Next worldwide, New Zealander newcomer Ella is on a certain show exclusive in Milan, something that always signals to us that a girl is going places. Clients are obviously finding Ella to be molto bella!” If it is indeed a Gucci exclusive that Ella’s on, then look out world. Gucci show exclusives often beget Gucci campaigns, and Gucci campaigns often beget entire careers.

Speaking of careers, Ella’s has been curious to date. Starting off in Auckland, she spent a couple of years doing the odd job here and there before moving to Sydney to try her luck in a bigger market. There she flourished, building a good book and working pretty much full time, before making the move overseas to Milan. Most models go to Milan for as short a time as possible, but not Ella. Ella went to Milan and stayed in Milan. And it paid off. She won a lucrative contract as a fit model for Gucci in Rome, where she flies regularly in the lead up to the new collections.

And look where it’s gotten her. Sometimes, even in modelling, slow and steady wins the race. Good luck for the show!

Thanks to Sam for the tip.


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