#1110 Behind the scenes at Crane Brothers’ first ever campaign shoot

Photo: Olly Rose

Crane Brothers shot their first ever campaign today. I went along with Olly Rose to interview all the protagonists and shoot a little behind the scenes film. The campaign is named Black Sheep and features two boys who share a lot, but not in personality or aesthetic. All will be revealed next week.


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  1. says

    Oh! A guessing game. Neat.

    Hmm. Okay well my guess is that the fellow with the blurred head on the right is Murrary Crane. It’s hard to tell through the blur of course, but it looks like the model has a shaven head and a receding hairline – which would point to Murrary. And not that I know him at all, but I get the impression Murrary is the type of guy to cast himself in his own campaigns. Also, it seems odd to me that he is not present (behind the camera anyway) for his own campaign shoot.

    The fellow on the right I’m not too sure about. Is Crane brothers actually run by brothers? If so, then perhaps it is Murrarys brother. They share a lot (blood), but differ in personality and aesthetic. Or, does Murrary have a son? Again, they share a lot (blood), but parent and child almost always differ a huge amount in personality and aesthetic.

    If it were Murrary and a family member, the title Black Sheep would make a lot of sense.

    Okay. That’s my guess.

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