#1118 John Key – wears New Zealand made, on hand to answer queries

I bought my first dictaphone a little over a year ago. It was my new toy and I spent many a happy day ringing different people for comments about this or that. One of the first calls I made was to the Prime Minister’s office. Somebody had told me that John Key wore non New Zealand made suits and, as a serious and responsible fashion blogger, I was determined to get to the bottom of this vicious and dirty rumour.

It took me about 90 seconds to track down the phone number, five to dial it, six to get connected, and 10 or so to speak the following words:

“Hi, my name is Isaac Hindin Miller and I’m a fashion blogger. I was just wondering if I could please talk to John Key’s stylist.”

The lady on the other end of the line sounded confused.

“His stylist? I don’t think Mr Key has a stylist.”

I pressed on.

“Um, ok, listen I just want to talk to the person who buys his suits.”

Still confused.

“I don’t quite understand what you mean. Mr Key buys his own suits.”

I persevered.

“Right. In that case, can you please ask Mr Key where he buys his suits? I’ve heard a rumour that he wears non New Zealand made suits and I’d like to know if it’s true or not. And, if so, why he doesn’t support local designers and manufacturers?”

Confusion turned to exasperation.

“Really? Riiiight. Okay, hold the line please.”

She put the phone down and I could faintly hear her yelling out across the office.

“John! There’s a guy on the phone who wants to know where you get your suits from!”

Moments later, she was back.

“Are you there? Yeah, he said he gets them from various New Zealand companies including RJB and a few ties from Hallensteins. Does that solve your mystery?”

I laughed.

“Yes, yes it does. Thank you for your time.”

There’s nothing quite like living in a country where the Prime Minister is, literally, one call away.


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  1. Leonie says

    Don’t forget, Sarah Palin lives in a country where the Prime Minister of France is but a phone call away!!! Fun story, Isaac.

  2. R.K.D says

    Nice one, Isaac! I like where you’re coming from. Love, love, love that we the people can reach our PM so easily. Should have asked him (or his his secretary…”Jooohhhnnnnn?”) how all his wealthy buddies are enjoying their tax breaks while you were at it. Oh, and thanked him for raising GST. That was an awesome. Like food and other sundries aren’t expensive enough. Hope they won’t mind people living in cardboard boxes of the steps of the Beehive -because that’s where it’s all headed…

  3. Anonymous says

    You’ll thank Key in 3 or so years time when the government in that little old country of yours finally isn’t in deficit. That’s standard practice for a National governemnt isn’t it? Hoarding money? Would’ve come in pretty handy if Labour hadn’t squandered so much money before the GFC hit. Might’ve put gvmnt. in position to support some local businesses that went bust.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hallenstiens, NZ made – pah!
    And don’t RJB stock Euro brands alongside their own stuff?
    You let him of lightly there.

  5. Mike Ross says

    I like this post, although I do somewhat agree with person above in regards to letting him off a little lightly. There is surely more fun to be had with this!

    Should you feel so inclined, I suspect that a small expansion of your idea could offer both you and John Key an excellent press op… whilst also allowing you to do a good deed.

    May be you should offer to take him on a NZ made suit shopping trip… visit the factory work-rooms etc… Were he to accept, you’d effectively get to be the elusive Prime Ministerial ‘stylist’ (surely not bad on the CV, even if only for a day), and he’d get to look good on TV for doing the right thing by an industry… Simply promise his people many cameras! I’m sure you know many people with many cameras!!

    Once John has gone on air on the back of an NZ fashion press op, he would then have little choice but to have NZ fashion on his back whenever he goes to air ; )

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