#1079 Brain Slaves are no more

Auckland expat band Brain Slaves (formerly The Coshercot Honeys), have officially broken up.

“Brain Slaves no longer exist due to the complication of having creative differences. Over the last year some of us have grown apart musically and found new priorities and directions to follow. Unfortunately, it has now become impossible to do what Brain Slaves did.”

– Jordan Morris (guitar).

Story, photos and music videos below.

Created in 2005 by models Sasha Carlson (lead vocals) and Jordan Morris (guitar – pictured above), The Coshercot Honeys went through several lineups before settling on the final roster as it stood from 2006 until the split last week – Sasha Carlson (lead vocals), Jordan Morris (guitar), Elliott Serjeant (guitar), Jacky Smylie (keys, backup vocals) and Rob Champion (drums). The band achieved a cult following in Auckland as a live act, with songs Mr Dangerous and particularly We’re all Lions achieving radio success on BFM thanks to an early push from Nick D.

At the height of their popularity, The Coshercot Honeys could pack out just about any small-medium sized Auckland venue, and were well known for their rowdy and enthusiastic fans (including me). But despite all this, the band never found commercial success and were largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

About six months prior to their move to Sydney in May 2009, the band suddenly shifted their musical direction, preferring to no longer play their popular songs, and changed their name to Brain Slaves, and (just before leaving) got matching tattoos. At the time I wrote, “I just hope for their sake that they don’t get sick of this new name anytime soon. That sh*t’s for life!” I should have added a line about breaking up. But both Jordan Morris and Sasha Carlson told me they have no regrets about the tattoo, and that it symbolises a great time in their lives and the best group of friends you could ever hope for.

The last time I saw them together was as the opening act for a few larger Sydney bands at Oxford Art Factory in November last year. They categorically refused to play any of their old songs, instead, opting for new material that largely sounded like 10 or 12 minute-long journeys into sound. The onstage cohesion and energy that had once reduced girls to quivering messes no longer seemed to exist and the fire was gone. The end was near.

This is a sad day – they were my favourite New Zealand band of all time – but I wish all the boys the best of luck in their future musical endeavours. I’ll remember them as they were in the video above, live at the King’s Arms in 2008.


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  1. Lauren says

    For the band members. Don’t you think it would have been fair to let them announce this themselves? Particularly if their myspace blog was referring to you, and they had asked you not to. I understand that your duty as a blogger is to break news but for how much you have praised their work and seem to have some sort of a friendship with them that you would have put that duty aside out of courtesy

  2. Anonymous says

    Who cares if he did.Either way, they are/were the most ridiculous, posuer, fashion-over-function band-so to speak- compiled of rich, thick Kings College jocks who are certainly not worth mythologising, nor worth giving any merit to for which they earnt nothing.GOOD RIDDANCE !
    Isaac- you need some New Zealand music 101, quicksmart!

  3. says

    it would have been nice to let us do our own press release and then do your own report on that. However press is press and you can do what you want..

    to “Anonymous”, let us know your name and all of your great achievements in life. Then people might care what you have to say.

    oh, right, you haven’t done shit with your life and now you try making up for it by leaving ignorant anon blog posts using your intellectual bullshit language, about people you obviously don’t know!

    yep i went to king college, and yep i played rugby, but i also play music, sorry i dont fit your struggling estranged musician stereotype. im pretty sure anyone can make music, hopefully free of bullshit anon haters.

  4. Anonymous says

    Define “shit with life”
    Is it wandering about Ponsonby Road, getting high, dressing interestingly?
    I’m not sure.
    My name is Victoria, and I don’t define myself by my achievements- such a subjective way to define ones worth.
    I would hope it is considered an achievement to be a kind and loyal person, honest, and so on.
    All of which you probably are.
    Would I be worthy to comment if I had achieved some kind of status in New Zealand, in your eyes?
    I happen to love the English language- there is nothing “intellectual” about it.
    You are right- anyome can make music- however not everyone can make interesting/clever/good/original/dangerous music…all qualities your band, sadly, always lacked.
    Good Luck!

    James- LOVE.

  5. says

    basically what im doing is defending my old band which i put lots of time and effort into. you and others may think we sucked, sweet as, im not playing music for you and those people, im playing for people who like it, 500 plus people who came to our last show in nz did like it and im stoked for them.

    What im saying to you is maybe use your love of the english language to a better use than hating on a band and dissing people because of what school they went to.

    A kind, loyal and honest person, (you obviously still have some work to do) surely wouldn’t be interested in internet hating.

    PS Im pretty sure im allowed to hang out on any street, and trip out in clown suit and its got nothing to do with you.

  6. Anonymous says

    “I happen to love the English language- there is nothing “intellectual” about it.”

    Then at least learn to punctuate properly.

  7. Phoebe says

    OH WOT


    PS Im pretty sure im allowed to hang out on any street, and trip out in clown suit and its got nothing to do with you.


  8. says

    Just got this comment from Jacob, here is it minus profanities.

    brain slaves put themselves out there and didnt give a **** so naturally people are gonna want to tear them down.

    anon.. let them have their day.. its over now and you may be happy but go be a ***** somewhere else aye…?

    respect guys, you were a great band! even if you did model!!


  9. Anonymous says

    This is so sad, they were a really good band, everyone enjoyed their shows there’s no denying that. They’re such great people as well :(

  10. Don't Die For Me says

    Brain Slaves were unlike any other.

    Four years will never be enough of easily some of the greatest artists to date.”You said I should go away, come back when my head is straight.”COME BACK.Respect


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