#1124 The Moscot Originals have landed

Photos: Polkadot

Glasses are the hardest item of clothing to buy. Hands down. Jeans come close, (bras maybe for girls?), but glasses are damn near impossible. I don’t care who you are. They’re always too small or too big or too crooked on your wonky face. And it’s never the glasses’ fault – it’s that your eyes are too close together or your nose is too broad or one of your ears is higher than the other one. Trying to buy glasses is like looking in a mirror and coming to terms with what’s wrong with your face. I could never deal with the pressure, so I’ve just never really done it. I am a prime example of bad glasses buying. For the past four years, I’ve owned one pair, just one, bought on the street in Toronto for five dollars from a shady stall holder. For all I know, they might not even have UV protecting qualities. They might have been doing more damage than good to my eyes all these years!? But that all stops today. Because today, I bought my first pair of Moscot Originals.

I won’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Moscot before. I hadn’t until about six months ago when the now defunct men.style.com did a feature on them. A friend of mine immediately ordered them online and I got jealous. Real jealous. They’re the kind of glasses you always want to own – heavy frames, great tortoise shell patterns, but most importantly, they just look really good. They’re the kind of glasses that up your coolness factor by about a hundred as soon as you put them on. That kind of cool doesn’t come cheap – they were about $NZD450 by the time my mate landed them here – but I guess that’s standard among the high end glasses buying community.

Moscot is almost 100 years old, still family owned and has been worn by just about every cool guy you can imagine – Johnny Depp, Andy Warhol, Moby (he’s cool right?) and Ryan Adams. The business has held the same spot at Orchard and Delancey Streets on the Lower East Side since 1951. I’m pretty sure owning a pair qualifies you to join some amazing club for cool guys… I’m waiting on my membership invitation.

Most importantly, now, for the very first time, they’re available here in New Zealand. At Black Box Boutique, and soon, a whole bunch of other places. I bought the Lemtosh. They’re the same ones my mate Johnny Depp wears.


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  1. says

    I want a pair of the ‘Miltzen’s’!

    They’re gangz. I like them, and I like this post. The part about coming to terms with what’s wrong with your face? So true, so true brother.

  2. says

    i love Moscots!

    I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of glasses for years. I want to wait till my eyes stop deteriorating before I splurge on a v expensive pair. Did find a rather lovely pair in Ponsonby, they look like Rayban Club masters but less chunky and in light tortoiseshell and gold. May have to suck up the courage and purchase.

    And I think you stated it perfectly when you said..
    ” Trying to buy glasses is like looking in a mirror and coming to terms with what’s wrong with your face.”
    They seem to exaggerate EVERY flaw when you look at yourself (wonky ears, small mouth, pale skin, COOL).

  3. Anonymous says

    You should try trying to buy glasses when you can’t actually see what they look like on your face without standing 4 centimetres away from the mirror. Thats quite hard.

  4. oldgirl says

    this was the year for new glasses for me a good friend who is designer told me I need to up date my look so I started to try on , bloody hell what a mission, hate to think how many I try on and everyone had different views on what suited me,got there in the end , but the best thing was I got prescription sunglasses too,now I can look cool at I.D. I will be the one with sunnies on inside. Downside of all this is I am now poor they cost so much but that the price of looking good, haha

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