#1126 Lonely Lingerie Collection Two

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

I’m probably not the most qualified person in the world to discuss lingerie, seeing as I don’t wear it and all, but Lonely Lingerie by Lonely Hearts sure looks pretty good to me. Which brings me to a question that I’ve been pondering since I started looking at these photos – is lingerie marketing targeted at men or women? Is it supposed to arouse or entice? Or both? Anyway, the Lonely Hearts guys went back to the studio with Karen Inderbitzen Waller last November to shoot their second set of lookbook/campaign imagery (this was their first), and they used my former best good friend and housemate Corinna. The collection features lots of sheer silk mesh, chiffon and lace sourced in France, and as far as I’m concerned, looks like the kind of stuff you want to wear when you’re planning to have the naughties. It’s going to be available at all the usual places, plus Black Box from this weekend. Ladies, do your worst.

More photos below.


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  1. Anonymous says

    LOVE IT!!!! Everythign – the knickers, the model and of course the wonderful KIW styling – especially the rug. BRILLIANT.

  2. says

    first photo i can sort’ve dig,
    the rest i actually don’t like at all.

    no offence to anyone, but id ont’ think it works.

  3. says

    Lingerie should make a girl feel se sent bien dans sa peau! (good in her skin) this lingerie definitely looks like it can enhance that. Are the over the knee tights Lonely Hearts as well?

  4. Anonymous says

    So….part from Black Box where else do they sell? Usual retailers – can you be more specific? Are we talking Farmers here? I desperately need these!

  5. Charlotte says

    love it also. i can tell lonely hearts ad’s are beginning to be a fave for me. they do their ad’s not in a overtly pouty/sexual ‘lad’s mags’ manner but in a cute, part boudoir-ish, snuggly way, which i feel appeals mostly to the girls (yes, most probably girls/young women) who want to wear them. and of course their lingerie is incredibly beautiful and i LOVE the high waists, frills etc.

  6. Anonymous says

    I have a growing dislike for the trend of wearing glasses for the sake of fashion, in most cases they are not necessary, and in my opinion look just plain silly.

    Loss of sight is a disability ….. hearing aids, crutches or wheelchairs as fashion accessories anyone?

  7. Anonymous says

    “Corinna Corinna,
    Now where you been so long,
    I’ve been worryin’ ’bout you, babe,
    Baby please come home”

    You know who !

  8. Anonymous says

    It’s creepy. Images dreamed up by sexist straight guys of how they would like to dress their underage model type girlfriends.

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