#1128 The perils of being a male model part two: Return of the creep

Remember my mate John Smith (not his real name) and the creepy middle-aged Western European man who was shopping nudie pictures of him on the web? After I wrote that blog a few weeks ago, John Smith emailed me and said that if Creepy-Middle-Aged-Western-European-Man tried to contact me again, I should ask him to send me the photographs. I figured he wouldn’t talk to me again because my reaction was so strong last time, but I agreed that I’d try if he did. One week passed, then two, then on the eve of the third, the Creeper returned.

The conversation started innocently enough.

Him: Hi
Me: Hi

Him: You know John Smith?
Me: Yes

Him: You friends with John Smith?
Me: Yes

Him: You like John Smith?
Me: Yes

Him: Me too

Very quickly, things descended to a grimier level.

Him: You see him backstage at fashion show?
Me: Yes

Him: You see him naked?
Me: No, but I hear you might have some photographs…

Him: You like to see him naked?
Me: What have you got?

Him: John Smith wrestling naked.

At this point he stalled for a bit and tried to get me to describe in great detail exactly what I wanted to see. Don’t worry, I didn’t oblige. I asked him to email the photos to me, but he refused.

Me: How will I see them then?
Him: Go to this website: www.somerandomDutchphotowebsite.com

Me: Now what?
Him: Log in.

Me: How?
Him: ************@gmail.com, password: ***********

I logged in.

Only two photographs were visible. Both featured the same two 18-25 year old boys, wrestling in the woods. And, yes, they were naked as the day they were born. Only one of the faces was visible, and it was not the face of John Smith.

Me: That’s not John Smith.
Him: The one who you can’t see is.

Me: How do you know?
Him: I heard.

Me: From who?
Him: Friends.

Me: It’s not him.

I saved the photos to my desktop (which was lucky because he took them down off the photo website after about four minutes) and emailed them to John Smith. He came back to me a couple of minutes later to say that they obviously weren’t him (but with these male models, who can really say for sure).

Then things got nasty. I asked John Smith who the guy is and if they have ever met each other. John told me that they do know each other, that The Creeper is friends with his parents, and that he coaches a kids’ sports team for a job. And that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Apparently the police have gotten involved a number of times but they’ve never been able to pin anything on him.


Rest assured I’ll update with developments as they occur.


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  1. says

    It’s the ‘friends with parents’ and ‘coaches a kids sports team’ that really creeps me out.

    Also, if the photos aren’t of ‘John Smith’, WHO ARE THEY OF??? AND how did this guy get them?


  2. says

    Babe ! This is so sad and not surprising at all ! There are units set up by the police to deal with situations like this ! You must for the sake of anyone else who could get hurt pass on all information to the police so this Dirt Bag Can be dealt with! ! IT NOT OK !

    Your the best Mr keep it up !

  3. Draco Malfroy says

    Kind of sad and gross but very entertaining!

    Also sad that he didn’t even half-ass attempt to photoshop John’s face on the wrestler’s head. Lack of perv-fessionalism there I think.

  4. says

    Jesus christ, I literally gasped. Potential sex offender for sure. By the way, I keep thinking that by ‘John Smith’ you are referring to the English male model James Smith (he did Jil Sander)…

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