#1129 Marc Jacobs eat your heart out

Photos: Katherine is Awesome

My best good friend Katherine bought this tweed dress from Juliette Hogan yesterday. She came round to my house after work to show it off and I got all jealous because I don’t own any tweed. So I decided to try it on. I was all dressed up for the Skycity Diamond Ball anyway, and I figured it’d fit perfectly under the suit jacket. It did. The best bit (as you’ll see in the photo below), is that you can unbutton the top button and fold back the placket to make it look like a lapel. So basically it’s just like a really long waistcoat with a pleated skirt at the bottom. Sadly she didn’t let me wear it to the ball.

More photos below.


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  1. Anonymous says


    what the hell are you wearing ? I’m going to have to have a serious talk to you my boy.

    Your Father

  2. says

    Oh why the hell not?! But I dare say, if you plan to wear it, you should contribute a monetary donation to Miss Awesome. Perhaps 10% of your earnings to belong to the Church of Hogan and Tweed? I’ll get you an AP form to fill out, then I need you to pay $300 for this covenant ring and……

  3. says

    Isaac how does that fit you!!! are you tinier than we ever imagined?

    Should have gone all the way and got your legs out too.

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