#1138 How not to wear Lanvin

After yesterday’s post extolling the virtues of the traditionally dressed men on the red carpet (Ryan Seacrest, Colin Firth and Tom Ford), I can’t help myself but say something about Robert Downey Junior in Lanvin. I hate to hate, but seriously. Come on. I don’t understand how two of my favourite things – Lanvin and Robert Downey Junior – could get it so wrong. Fashion is fashion and acting is acting and never the twain shall meet?

First things first, I have no formal clarification it’s Lanvin, but I’m going to assume it is because the sneakers and bow tie are definitely Lanvin. No doubt. Then there’s the jacket and pants, which, if you look closely, are made from slightly different cloths. That’s very Lanvin – Lucas Ossendrijver has stated in the past that he prefers a mismatched jacket and pants to a full suit.

So here’s my beef. The fit is bad. Pants are baggy, jacket length and sleeves are too long. Styling is bad. Sneakers on the red carpet. With that bow tie. Maybe, just maybe if RDJ was still a 20 year old Brat Packer, he could have pulled it off. But instead, he looks like an aged Peewee Herman making an attempt at a more casual comeback.

I always say, you gotta know the rules before you try to break them, and, when in doubt, take the road often travelled. There’s a reason that road is often travelled. It’s because it’s the right road. Take the right road!

If Ryan Seacrest can do it, surely Robert Downey Junior can do it. But in Oscar winning form.


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  1. says

    Firstly, I have to say probably the most common comment ever to “Anonymous 2”, if you feel so strongly about then why don’t you take ownership and also if you don’t care why would read the blog??

    That been said I really just think that had RDJ had a bit more time to alter the jacket and trousers it would have been fine! The Trousers are more too long than baggy and I think that the jacket is probably like a drop 9 when really RBJ is more like a drop 7.

    We have all seen him dress before and he is really just like a sleek version of David Arquette.

  2. says

    first thing first. thank you issac for giving me soething thtat isn’t what i’m meant to be doing to do.

    secondly; does aforemeantioned good actor really care waht any of us think about what he choses to wear? if i was him, i wouldn’t. i don’t mean that in an aggressive way either, i mean it in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

    thirdly; i agree, and it depresses me. he’s really cool. i found this photo of him topless, holding some sort of large fancy-pants gun with a cigarette in his mouth. ignoring the bit about lung cancer, it doesn’t get much better.

    fourthly; i like his glasses and bow tie. i’d wear them (which doesn’t really do him any credit considering i’m waaay younger, and a girl).

    that is all. (:

  3. says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with his outfit, and everything wrong with the picture. The bowtie has lost it’s crispness and that makes it look large and clownish. Other pictures, as linked by Anon1, are fine.

  4. Anonymous says

    thats great isaac… youre a great spokesman for fashion..

    dont express yourself freely and wear what youd like to wear!!!!!!!!!! no!!!!!!!! no no no! dress like everyone else instead!!!!!!!!!

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