#1139 The first ever Crane Brothers campaign

Photo: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

Here it is, Crane Brother’s first ever campaign for their first ever collection Black Sheep. Beautiful in its simplicity, I love the open space on the left hand side of the frame, the blocking and the shades of grey. The models are brothers Nat and Hal Cheshire, the former an up and coming architect at Cheshire Architects, the latter a tattoo artist, model and black sheep. The campaign image bears a similarity to the Prada campaign shot by Hedi Slimane which featured the Simonon brothers (and sons of Paul Simonon of The Clash), but without the heavy photoshopping and retouching.

I arrived on the afternoon of the shoot, as Hal and Nat were getting into their first looks. Makeup was applied, hair fixed, ties straightened and pocket squares poufed, but Nat was starting to get a wee bit nervous. This was to be his first shoot.

He turned to Hal.

“Have you got any tips for me? You’re the expert.”

Hal laughed.

“The thing I always imagine is that there’s a girl – a really hot girl – that I want to look good in front of but don’t want to talk to…”

Nat cut him off.

“I think you and I have quite a different approach to women.”


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  1. Brian Jenkins says

    Hate to hate but this looks like a point and shoot photo thats been turned black and white on iphoto.

    This doesn’t resemble anything close to the photography of Hedi Slimane. The image to me is flat boring and badly cropped.

    But hey each to their own.

  2. M says

    Yeah how is this like the Slimane ones? Because it is in b&w and the models have crew cuts and slicked back hair? I hate to hate too, but I agree…

  3. Anonymous says

    heidi slimane did not invent black and white photography,grow up please. can you name anything else in nz that is even close to an international campaign? i think this is amazing, i love the chesshire boys, they hot!

  4. Rebeccah says

    I love to love, and that’s a really interesting shot. Thanks for putting it up! I also love the banter between the brothers; good post all round

  5. Anonymous says

    This is probably the best NZ campaign i have ever seen on an international level, compared to the Zambesi, Nom*D, etc.. this is of such a higher standard. It looks like any other add in Paris Vogue.

  6. Anonymous says

    such better than any suiting campaign i have seen in a long time, love the black and white,and those brothers, lucky parents, they should be proud, this is gold, want the long coat, and sorry haters but crane brothers Do the best suits in the country!

  7. says

    nice point Karen, all many seem to do is hate on here, hate anonymously, love that…. there is never anything constructive about it either. Good on for you for sticking it to them.

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