#1146 A story told with pictures – An Education

David: Hello.

David: Look, if you had any sense you wouldn’t take a lift from a strange man, but I’m a music lover and I’m worried about your cello. So what I propose is you put it in my car and walk along beside me.

Jenny: How do I know you won’t just drive off with the cello?

David: Good point. Ummm, how much does a new cello cost? 10, 15 pounds? I don’t know… Let’s say… 15. No? Alright, up to you.

David: I’m David by the way.
Jenny: Jenny.
David: Very good.

David: How did the concert go?

Jenny: It was a rehearsal, concert’s next thursday.

David: What are you playing?

Jenny: Elgar.

David: Ahh. I think it’s a shame he spent so much time in Worcester. Don’t you? Because Worcester’s too near Burmingham and you can hear that in the music. There’s a terrible Brummy accent in there if you listen hard enough. Anyway, Elgar and the Jews don’t mix very well.

Jenny: I’m not a Jew!

David: No, I am.

Jenny: Oh.

David: I wasn’t accusing you.

Jenny: Can I sit in the car with my cello?

David: Jump in.

The lesson here is simple. Never get into cars with strange men.


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