#1151 Classic American menswear

Steve McQueen – Photos: GQ

GQ has just posted an homage to the 50 most stylish leading men of the past 50 years. If a stylish Englishman is made in the fussy details, his American counterpart is made in the lack thereof. The nonchalance, the classic pieces, the relaxed look. Take Steve McQueen, for instance, above. White tee shirt, cream pants. It’s not about the amount of shirt cuff showing, or the perfect dimple in a tie, it’s about looking incredible in the simplest outfit you can imagine. Likewise with Paul Newman below, in a v-neck sweater, rolled up cords and sneakers, Jean-Michel Basquiat in a cropped duffel coat and baggy pants or my all time favourite shot of JFK standing on his yacht in a crewneck sweater and beige pants (those last two were taken from a different GQ best dressed list). I’m feeling like it’s time to move on from skinny pants and done-up top buttons and into this kind of stuff – though it might take me a while to transition. And, like I always say, if you’re looking for the perfect go-to outfit, nothing beats a white tee shirt and blue jeans. It’s the American way.

Paul Newman

Jean-Michel Basquiat

John F Kennedy


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  1. says

    love this post isaac!
    That photo of kennedy has always been a favorite; style-wise, it looks like it could have been taken yesterday.
    although i do love the primness of a buttoned-right-up shirt on a woman.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Isaac, Zac here… man love those photos… i would wear any of the outfits proudly (and sell them too ha!)… Catch ya…

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