#1152 Remix gets a makeover

New Zealand’s magazine market is well and truly over saturated. I once heard a statistic that we have more magazines per capita than any other country in the world. When it comes to fashion, that statistic must be about a billion times more extreme. I’ve just counted 10 full-sized fashion magazines in New Zealand off the top of my head, and I’m sure there are more. 10 fashion magazines in a country of four million people whose biggest interest is rugby. It doesn’t quite compute. Needless to say, it’s a crazy competitive market fighting for those advertising dollars – you’ve gotta stay ahead of the pack. So kudos to Remix for taking it upon themselves to rev up the look and feel of the magazine, starting with a brand new masthead, page size and design which will be released in a new issue on the 25th of March.

I’ve never been an avid reader of Remix. I’m not much of a music fan – particularly so when it comes to the electronic/techno/house genres – and the fashion has never really been to my tastes. I’m about the fussiest guy in the world when it comes to editorials and fashion stories, and Remix always seems to me to have more a fast-fashion, trend-based look than what I’m interested in.

That said, I’m very interested to see what they do in the new issue, and 310 pages is a massive book. According to the press release, there are 100 pages of fashion shoots. No doubt there’ll be something in it for everybody. I’ll blog it as soon as it comes out.


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  1. says

    We are over saturated with the choice of fashion magazines but I’m not complaining though because I personally can’t get enough. New Zealand Fashion Quarterly is definatley the best.

  2. Anonymous says

    “I once heard a statistic that we have more magazines per capita than any other country in the world.”

    I think you misheard. The actual claim bandied around (by the national Magazine Publishers Association) is that New Zealanders are among the highest per capita consumers of magazines in the world. This might go a little way towards explaining how we can support a higher concentration of local magazines. If we actually have a higher concentration, that is.

    What are the 10 magazines you thought of, BTW? I got to about eight and one was mostly Australian.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’ve just received the press release. The redesigned cover looks absolutely beautiful – well done to the Remix team!

    In my opinion Remix has definitely stepped up their game in recent years; it just gets better and better. Any magazine which showcases New Zealand fashion and music talent and does so successfully and sustainably is worth praise.

    If this is a taste of what’s to come then I’ll certainly become a regular follower.

  4. Mag Fan says

    Its always great to read constructive comments like the first 2 respondants. As for “still tacky” how would you know since the issue isn’t on sale yet..?

    Try thinking before writing.

    NZ definately has over saturated magazine market, there’s a title for everyone (including pig hunting monthly…). I think that NZ does Fashion mags well though, there’s something for everyone’s taste and it’s great to have that with a kiwi twist.

    I look forward to seeing what’s next for remix.

  5. Anonymous says

    I happen to think it looks great. Remix has always been more readable than all of those other fashion mags.. I personally love the music side of it. Look forward to seeing the new look!

  6. George says

    One can’t help but feel the somewhat detrimental comments noted by “Anonymous”, above, are quite obviously rooted in fickle spite rather than voicing a genuine aversion to the publication itself. It is times like these that Gore Vidal’s great aphorism springs to mind – “Every time one of my friend’s succeeds, something small inside me dies”. Good to know schadenfreude is alive and well.

  7. Anonymous says

    I think it great to see Remix putting in the effort to rev up their look, especially given the pressures of the print industry at the moment.

    Of the ’10’ NZ fashion magazines out there in the market I know a fair portion are teetering on the edge of their existence, whereas Remix has been a solid contender for many a year.

    Well done Remix. I can’t wait to read it.

  8. says

    The fashion magazines that I thought of were (in no particular order):

    1. Fashion Quarterly
    2. Cleo
    3. No
    4. Black
    5. Remix
    6. Pulp
    7. 1AM
    8. Cream
    9. Girlfriend
    10. Lucire
    and I forgot about this one…
    11. Simply You

  9. Anonymous says

    Change is inevitable. Remix is evolving and it’s great to see.

    From what was once ‘elecronic/techno/house music and fashion reviews is now a mix blend of all that is popular culture. All in one mag.

    That makes me happy.

    ps. bangin’ cover.

  10. Anonymous says

    Ahh A Re-brand.. last ditch effort to seek some cultural relevance is usually the goal for doing this. I hope this isn’t the case for Remix.
    The best of luck to you. Although 1am might want their typeface back. Just saying!

  11. Anonymous says

    I would say the only one’s off your list that are actual fashion magazines are FQ and Simply You?

    Oh and Nylon pre-2009 called, they’d like their font back!!!

  12. Anonymous says

    *make-up, stunning
    *model, pretty hot, interesting at the least – is she NZ??
    *gross 80s blue thing and strange old bracelet, awful
    *jewelry and pose – average
    not that interested in beauty, not much of a drawcard?
    *however, looking forward to seeing whats inside and if it’s improved at all

  13. Anonymous says

    Fierce model! is there something weird going on with the arms though, like they arenn’t hers?

    OR is the joke on us and she’s a drag queen? That would be kewl….

    AND what IS she wearing?

  14. Anonymous says

    oh my god people.. talk about armchair critics i think it looks a 1000 times better.. good on them!.. Um and Karen mag too..

    also who said FQ and simply you as the only real Fashion Mags..???

    um have you ever looked at
    No, black, pilot, 1am, karen ? all dif styles but all do a great job at what they do!

  15. Anonymous says

    To pinch someones words, I like it.

    Good to see change, Remix. Love the new format. Hope the changes continue! Viva!

  16. says

    M2 didn’t make your cut?

    if there is an artical in any of these mags worth reading you’ll find it on a blog so i dont bother with NZ fashion mags. Thanks Isaac!

  17. Anonymous says

    Well done REMIX for being one of NZ’s longest established magazines and for taking the risk for stepping it up a notch.

    The cover looks great!!! all who worked on the new format should be proud.

    Enough of the negative comments, save them for the magazine who is still running yet has unpaid bills with a large number of our country’s best creatives.

    If Remix says they will pay, they always have, and should be proud of honest survival in a cut throat industry.


  18. Anonymous says

    oh dear. the emergence of several strong new titles in recent years has seen remix increasingly ignored.

    new mast head is a rip-off and will be dated by next month. trying waaaaaaay too hard and still not even close. it smacks of desperation and a last gasp at relevance.

    also remix don’t pay photographers or stylists either.

    remix have burned bridges with more people than any other mag on your list……..

  19. Anonymous says

    The new cover is laughably bad and breaks the number one brand rule. don’t rebrand with a ‘trendy’ (hand-written) masthead that will (as people above have noted) look dated super-fast. And why copy Nylon and 1am?

    That aside the big problem with remix is that they have no integrity – have you ever read a copy? every second page is a yuck ad for dancepills or trance parties, most of the features are just pages of cheap and tacky hair products and wack sungalsses… then even the actual articles and photo pages are branded with beer, dancepills etc

    The result is insulting to any intelligent reader and very demeaning for the paid advertisers. Why any credible fashion brand would put money into remix is beyond me…

  20. Anonymous says

    the anon posters above hit the nail on the head about remix and pulp – no editorial integrity. they’ve long since stopped caring about trying to create something with artistic merit or credibility and are simply chasing the money by any means necessary. this is why the serious photographers / stylists / models are reluctant to appear in remix. what’s the fastest way to lose your cool points? remix baby

  21. Anonymous says

    Well I’m loving Remix as always, there’s always something in it to suit my mood. I love the new products and music reviews, keeps me up to date with whats going on… always proud to have it on my coffee table!

  22. Anonymous says

    I’m sure the people that contribute to Remix aren’t concerned with cool points, but rather getting paid, which they are. that’s the problem with people here, too caught up with chasing the cool crowd. Grow up and stop cutting people down.

  23. Anonymous says

    wow what a bunch of tossers some of you lot can be….we have mags that are alive (albeit fighting for existence) and all have their own interpretation. Since when is anyone doing it purely for the love? Love don’t pay bills idiots. Clearly no one here has won lotto or you wouldn’t be on here. So grab one of your (13) fashion mags, whichever suits your taste, drink your two beers on your couch and count your lucky flocking stars we have mags to look at at all! PS. I LOVE the cover….I can’t wait!

  24. Anonymous says

    I’m not a huge fan of Remix, but kudos to them for making an effort. I’ve seen them use some top creatives in recent issues i.e Rob Niwa, Tim White, Dan Ahwa, Atip W, Marissa Findlay etc. who have given the mag some cred. so to anon 1:28pm, these guys probably are aware of what they are doing, but aren’t as hung up like everyone else is on being ‘cool’.

  25. Anonymous says

    I always found remix to be a press release re hasher. Every piece about fashion/lifestyle/design/beauty etc etc sounded like a copy and paste from the press release.

    It hasnt been a music magazine for years. Just a general what’s cool around town at the moment magazine.

    Oh for the day when it was a freebie pick up from the record shop windowsill – it had content and character then.

  26. Anonymous says

    Isaac, if we are critiquing mags now, since you’ve let people rip apart NO, 1am and Remix, why dont you put your pal Andy’s mag up, see what people have to say about it??? ALso, dont you write for some of these magazines?

  27. Anonymous says

    Wow…what a pack of tossing-haters we have (quite a few of) here….for starters you whinge about having over saturation in mags. Then you say Remix has no cred. There are heaps of stylists, photographers, models etc that have used Remix (& other NZ mags)to launch themselves – then many they bugger off overseas (& still shoot for NZ mags….bless!)

    And the idiot who said Karen was down….It is on the shelf with beautiful overseas shoots in it (maybe because they – they being the overseas people- appreciate so much more than we do what we have in our own backyard?). Get some glasses.

    And since when does anyone do anything purely for the love? How old are you? Of course you chase the buck first because being depressed from not being able to pay bills is not good for your creativity. Do what you need to do before you do what you want to do. Pay bills first, get creative second.

    NZ has a stack of mags that are alive or exisiting at very least.

    REMIX is one of the only mags that has never had any threat of going down, no rumours that it is struggling and that comes down to a good business model. Surely that is, after what we are all in everyday…the business of our lives?

    You know what you TH’S? As Fred Dag said, “You don’t know how lucky you are…”

    Go pick up an overseas magazine, have a beer and stop whining.

  28. Anonymous says

    urrr…. anyone else notice they spelt “photography” wrong on almost every single page?

    Oh and Vada is “Vadva”.

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