#1153 The definition of frustration

The following is not a joke. It is an actual email conversation between a friend and his client that occurred yesterday afternoon.

My friend: Image attached as per your specifications. Thanks.

Client: Can the image be bigger please? Thanks.

My friend: Please see attached. I’ve increased the size to 600px wide. Thanks.

Client: Can you make it bigger please? The whole image please.

My friend: I did make it bigger. It’s 600 pixels wide (as opposed to the 450 it was before) – how large do you want it to be? I’d recommend not making it too big or the file size will be too big – unless that’s okay?

Client: I just think the wording is hard to read…. The image is just a little too small. Can you please just make it bigger?

My friend: Please see attached. Once again, the image is bigger. Have you tried opening it in an image viewer rather than just viewing it in the body of your email? I’d recommend doing that to view the actual size. I think there’s a distinct possibility that we’re having a Mac – PC issue which means it’s not at 100% size in your email.

Client: It’s still small. I just don’t understand why we cant make the image bigger?????? And I don’t think it’s a PC issue because I clicked on the email twice and nothing happened.

My friend: Okay, please see attached, again, and now this one is 750px wide. Is it bigger than the last one I sent you? Just to clarify, are you 100% sure you want it to be this big?

Client: Yes that’s much better.

My friend: (No response)

Client: Now if I copy and paste it into an email, the image is too big.

My friend: (No response)

Client: Can you make it smaller? Look at it in the email. It’s way too big!

My friend: (Sigh)

Oh my frustration.


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  1. Anonymous says

    sounds what I deal with on a daily basis making up ads. Always being asked to make fonts bigger, logos bigger etc. As well as sending images to media and pr agencies from my mac in which they can seem to open because they don’t update their damn pc software.

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