#1155 New Servilles campaign – a who’s who of NZ’s modelling stars

Photo: Tony Drayton

New Zealand doesn’t have supermodels. Not yet anyway. But we do have several boys and girls who work pretty consistently well overseas, like Zippora Seven, Georgia Fowler, Nicole Clulee and Jasper Seven. Good for the models, but bad for the New Zealand clients, because it’s a rare day when they’re all in town at the same time. But Servilles got lucky, nabbing all of the above plus Jasper Seven’s girlfriend, Dempsey Stewart (an Australian) for their Winter 2010 hair campaign It’s Hip To Be Square. With the geek-chic theme and spectacles, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was an eyewear campaign, but presumably relaxed, care-free, tousled hair is the look du jour for Servilles. Regardless, it’s not a bad looking commercial campaign – I can definitely imagine it on billboards around town, we’ll wait to see where it goes.

Shoot credits below.

Creative Direction: Andy Pickering @ Pilot
Photographer: Tony Drayton
Stylist: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Hair: Paul Huege de Serville
Makeup: Megan Wright
Models: Georgia Fowler @ Clyne, Nicole Clulee @ Red-11, Zippora, Jasper & Dempsey @ 62.


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  1. oldgirl says

    nicole clulee is such a nice young women, I have used her in local shows in Dunedin ,always nice and happy to do what you want. Love the serville campaign. Glad you survived the cold on Friday night, even as a local I needed a rug, maybe that was to put over my head for some of the not so great collection or because of the cold

  2. Anonymous says

    Isn’t it supposed to be a hair campaign? Is it just me, or does the hair on all of those models look exactly the same as it always does?

  3. Anonymous says

    I went to Sydney not too long ago and I saw Georgia Fowler EVERYWHERE! Also a fair bit of Zippora! Good on them!

  4. Anonymous says

    Love it, best servilles campaign eva! the last one was so photoshopped it looked like they had shot the girls in different countries and cut them out and stuck them together!
    and sorry but zippora owns this picture

  5. Jess says

    wow it does look great.
    i really like the colour palette and contrast, gives it a very fresh feel i think
    oh and yes, zippora is amazing in this!

  6. says

    Zippora is amazing in all the shoots she does, and nicole. I love them all , they are going to definetely get recognized overseas but most of them have, but they will probably get much more publicity. Hope some , if not lal of them become supermodels. Please visit my blog sometime. Isaac you make me so proud to be a New Zealander, and so do all these models and designers making it big. Love your blog.

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