#1163 NO Magazine speaks out against model exploitation

“We want to make clear that NO is not one of the magazines Isaac referenced (as supplying models with drugs). No photographer commissioned by NO has ever given a model drugs on a shoot and if we found out one was doing so (on our shoots or others), we would not work with them. We also make sure that if a model is in a revealing outfit, that she is totally comfortable. We’ve never had any problems, but if for some reason a model changed her mind retrospectively about a particular shot, we would not run something she (or he!) was unhappy about. All models who do that kind of work for us are over 18 and many of them are older than that.”
– Delaney Tabron, Creative Director – NO Magazine.

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  1. says

    And kudos to you Delaney, and the team @ NO for your common sense approach to shooting editorial.

    To involve drugs, sex or any other kind of inappropriate behaviour while shooting editorial is just plain dumb. It’s worse than dumb in fact.

    I would hope that this doesn’t need to be said, but what Delaney said – also applies to PILOT. We don’t play that shit. It’s not what we do.

    very best,

    Andy @ PILOT

  2. says

    here here delaney, couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself, and refreshing to finally have some intelligence and sanity on this blog and the record set straight by people actually experienced to speak with authority on this subject, who know what its really like to run a magazine in this country and appreciate the huge number of young (and old) people who benefit from having a showcase for their talent and the kick start our type of magazines provides for their careers and will hopefully once and for all set the record straight and put an end to these ridiculous suggestions and one of the most hideous examples of tall poppy syndrome i’ve come across in years! Can you really imagine this kind of thing being tolerated by the industry? Get a grip on reality!

  3. Anonymous says

    Good on you Delaney!.
    After having spent a decade working in the industry in Australia and in NZ i know that there are amazing people working in Australasia like yourself(and you Andy) that are doing amazing things. Things have definitely changed, due in no small way to the likes of you not tolerating this kind of behavior anymore. I would feel completely safe sending any of my models to you.
    Great to see a strong woman who is sticking it to the old fellas.

    I recently was talking to Alice Dellal’s agent and she was raving about you.. great work!

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