#1183 Twenty-Seven Names is good at making clothes and films

Those Twenty-Seven Names girls are like the quiet kids in class who show up, get good grades, but don’t feel the need to brag to everybody about it. (Must be a Wellington thing.) Last night they unveiled their new Summer range, Twelve, in my opinion, their best to date. Inspired by 60s female artists, protesting, sexual politics, and the statement, ‘Words tend to be inadequate’, the clothing is a mash up of pretty vs androgyny; sailor vs hippie; dainty vs sturdy. Juxtaposition is the new singular vision, didn’t you know? Accompanying the clothes is a stop-motion film directed by Michael Humphrey, the second the brand has released. And I’ve gotta say – if this whole fashion bizzo doesn’t work out for them, I have no doubt they’ll be able to make a name (or 27, ZING!) for themselves in the moving picture industry.


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    Congrats to them; A)cos I managed to actually watch all 3mins 13 secs of it. B)cos you cannot get a better idea of detailing and how garments look, than seeing it like this! C)cos I’ve mentally listed most items and will probably buy more than I need from this range. D)cos they’ve convinced me to grow my hair long..again..though the journey will be frustrating and torturous.

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