#1184 Twenty-Seven Names – the Twelve portraits

Photos: Guy Coombes

Part schoolgirl, part renegade fighter, part horror movie child star (girl in the bottom right corner, I’m looking at you), the Twenty-Seven Names campaign and accompanying portraits were shot by Guy Coombes using entirely new face models. Great to see the young ones supporting the young ones. There’s an awkward beauty to the photos that kind of reminds me of shoots from back in the Pavement days. It’s like a Britney Spears song – ‘I’m not a girrrrrl, not yet a woman‘. They always do a good soundtrack, those Twenty-Seven Names girls, and I’d bet my bottom dollar that Anjali Stewart is a Crossroads fan from way back.

All the photos below.


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  1. says

    AWESOME. The suspense has been killing me and I’m not disappointed. Totally beaut. Beaut new faces, beaut threadz. So jealous of those involved and those who attended last night.

  2. Anonymous says

    why did they use another photographer? They just did the same thing that Lou Hatton did for them already.

  3. Anonymous says

    this is great…I love 27 names the film was a great showcase for the clothes, really they are beautiful and they totally deserve the attention ..speaking of which showroom 22 has done an amazing job with this.. it was on the national news, front page online herald fantastic pr!

  4. oldgirl says

    The Twenty Seven Names designers are really nice women and I think they will just grow and grow. I knew them when they where staying down in dunedin, they have not let all the bulls–t of the fashion world get to them. They did a good collection at I.D one of the best.

  5. J says

    Maybe they wanted to shoot it in AK so they could work with different people and keep things fresh. The amount of PR they got for this collection already is great as well. Who cares what the haters think! The girls deserve every bit of attention they get because they work super hard for it.

  6. Anonymous says

    Awesome clothes but not sure about those models.. so young and maybe not the best look for the label? I’m sure there is more attractive twelve year olds anyway. There are a few beautiful ones, but the garments are the real attraction.

  7. Sylvia says

    Argh, I *think* I would love the outfits, but I can’t get past being creeped out that not one of the models looks a day over fourteen… some of them look significantly younger. I’m so sorry, but if you don’t think your clothes will sell if they’re modelled by a girl who is clearly, you know, at the very least over the age of consent, then there’s something wrong with your clothes.

    I hate to say that, because I’ve always liked the label. But not this time… too creepy for me to consider buying anything from that range :-( A woman’s got to put her foot down somewhere, and I can super-skinny models who clearly look like adults, but I can’t handle this.

  8. says

    Although im not usually a fan of super young & skinny models, I think that in this case they work really well with both the concept and collection

  9. Cécille says

    I’m confused – is this a clothing range for children or adults? Right now I’m presuming children as I can’t even start to imagine how any of these items would look on me (25 yr old) as the photos don’t indicate that an adult could wear this clothing. Yes I am aware that most of these models are probably 16+ but they are photographed / styled in such a way that it looks like they are targeting children/early teens, and if they are, then great, as it looks like nice clothing for a 12 – 16 year old.

  10. Anonymous says

    sure the girls may be young, most nz models are, at least they’re not being sexed up inappropriately like they normally are in most of the fashion stuff you see in nz.

  11. Anonymous says

    the 27 names girls have a good thing going on with their group shots, im sure it was their concept so why not continue doing this with new photographers?

  12. Anonymous says

    27names lookbooks and promo shots always feature really young looking girls, who look great in the clothes imo!

    Although whenever I see a ‘normal sized’ slightly older girl wearing a piece from this label it doesn’t work so well. It just ends up looking a little cheap on them and the proportions seem a bit off, which I don’t think the designers intended at all. It loses that ‘prettiness’ and ‘daintiness’.

    It must be difficult to aim these pieces at a young audience since the price point of this label reflects a slightly older age bracket. Noones fault but the cost of production in NZ.

    I really really like this label still. I don’t think they meant any harm by casting younger models (maybe to cut costs for the shoot) and anyone who holds this against them is being a bit ridiculous.

  13. Anonymous says

    “For the record, the girls aren’t 12 years old.”

    I know a few of them personally. Of the ones I know, two are 19, one is 18, two are 16,

  14. Anonymous says

    whats with everyone on every blog post talking about 12 yr old girls? Those girls are all 16+ relax. Im 27 and I wear their stuff quite happily, its cute.
    Kinda weird that they changed photographer only to do the exact same thing I agree. I dont understand why you wouldnt mix it up so its not same same, you cant tell the difference.

  15. oldgirl says

    the clothes look fresh and new and I love the models, boy there are haters out there, maybe some of the older designer need to watch their backs. we need new blood in fashion in N.Z. We should be pleased to see it.

  16. says

    Actually, like most collections, if you break it down it’s actually very wearable – even for “women”. Shirts, blazers etc. And I’d much much prefer to wear one of these dresses than something body-con or structured.

  17. Anonymous says

    When I first saw these photographs a few of the girls seemed vaguely familiar, they have a similar look to some girls at Ali Mcd. Imogen Watt, Olivia Hay? 7th girl up, Eva D. 9th girl up, Ilish T.

  18. Julia says

    get over it! its about the clothing not the models. you all need to get out of your tiny squares and try something new! blaa bla bla they are too young well HAHA to you, you’ll be wearing oldies clothes forever then wont you!

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