#1185 Grey marle crewneck sweaters are having a moment

Can you imagine a better addition to SNEANS life than the grey marle crewneck sweatshirt? (Hereafter referred to as the GMCS.) Formerly the domain of American high school wrestlers, 90s skaters and John Hughes movies, the GMCS is back. And I am obsessed. It all started with Rodarte (above). Raglan sleeves, black print on grey marle – so simple, so strong.

Then Karen Walker did a drop shouldered version with a small town Americana print for her Salzburg USA collection at New York Fashion Week in February.

Stolen Girlfriends Club feature a cut off short sleeved GMCS embellished with a black WELCOME TO NOWHERE print in their current winter collection.

And Boy, the namesake character in Taika Waititi’s just released masterpiece, spends almost the entire film in a cut off GMCS with rolled up arms. Fresh to def.

I’ve spent the past week raving about how much I want one, and a friend came to my rescue last night. She introduced me to AS Colour – New Zealand’s answer to American Apparel. Starting from $42 you can order an AS Colour GMCS online.

I did it last night, picked it up this morning, and I’m wearing it already. Quality is good, it’s a little longer in the body than my dream GMCS but a hot wash ought to sort it out. And for $42, who can complain?


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  1. says

    @Anon – no sir, I’m about as anti-marijuana a person as you could possibly find.

    Just tired, I’m afraid.

    My mum sent me the following email this morning re that same photo:

    Isaac Hindin Miller – your mother instructs you to get some sleep!!! You look exhausted!

  2. James says

    That site is awesome! First time I’ve come across it. Those hoods are cool, its good to see some basics out there. Too many hoodies I see around these days are really loud!

  3. Anonymous says

    I’ve got a Nike GMCS from a few years back. Perfect weight, grey stitching swoosh, that classic sweatshirt double layered semi-circle at the back of the neck. Mid blue Levi’s, white on white air force ones. I’m set. And AS Colour are amazing. $12 t-shirts in dozens of colours. Nice little retail store opposite the prison. Fantastic organisation.

  4. says

    Do you owe Katherine Is Awesome another pair of trousers now? Or perhaps she is allowed to browse freely through your wardobe and pick at will for the intro to AS Colour?

  5. says

    love grey marle sweatshirts, always have always will. great foil to other pieces.

    Is the AS Colour one good Isaac? I’ve been searcing for the perfect one for ages.


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