#1188 Saturday sifting

Photos: Katherine Lowe

You know those days spent aimlessly wandering, attempting to kill time by any means possible? Welcome to my Saturday. Here’s how it went down – Crane Brothers, Auckland Public Library, Bambina, Superette, One, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Fabric, Burger King. Katherine brought her camera along and chronicled what was, essentially, a day of loitering.

See below.

First stop, Crane Brothers, to hem Katherine’s new made-to-measure pants. She chose a one and a quarter inch cuff.

Next, a quick visit to sign up at the Auckland Library, where, on my Dad’s orders, I attempted to borrow a copy of Vitali Vitaliev’s Life as a Literary Device. They didn’t have it. I walked out empty handed. Outside we noticed this window painted onto a decrepit building on Lorne Street.

We had half an hour to kill before lunch, so I spent it reading The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style by Nicholas Antongiavanni. My favourite quote – “As Xenophon wrote in his life of Cyrus, it is not reasonable that a big man wear a little coat, or a small man wear a big coat, and expect to look smart.” No. No it is not.

Samantha Hayes joined us for lunch at Bambina on Ponsonby Road. If you haven’t been to Bambina, go, and try out their Belgian Biscuits. I eat them about four times a week.

After lunch we walked a couple of doors down to Superette. I like how they’ve got such a diverse range of products alongside the clothing – cameras, knick knacks and candles. It kind of reminds me of Urban Outfitters in the States.

Next we visited Scrap Wall at One, who had a fantastic first week of trade. Apparently the most popular item was the rugby knit tee shirt, but everybody I know has been raving about the boxer shorts.

At this point we’d well and truly run out of ideas, so we headed back into town to see what we could see. Karen Walker had some fun hats, but Kate Sylvester had this log of wood.

Fabric‘s always good to kill half an hour or so, and while we were there I came across this cardigan. It’s the in house brand – Fabric – and features one contrast line of cream coloured knit along the edge of the placket and around the internal pocket. Fresh to def. Best cardigan I’ve seen in a very long time.

I got hungry. There was only one choice. Dinner of champions – Whopper Meal (minus onions, add barbecue sauce). Burger King FTW.

And off to the next adventure.


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