#1190 Shooting on location

Photos: thedownlowe photo

Oliver Rose shot models yesterday at a junkyard out by the airport. It was a location shoot. I’m always skeptical when people talk about shooting on location. I figure that you can just about get any background you want on most city streets. Want industrial? Shoot in front of some buildings. Want nature? Find some trees. Want architectural? Stand by an interesting looking staircase. My skepticism was proved wrong, however, upon arriving at the dump. On one side stood a set of 15 smashed up trucks. On another, yellow diggers tore through stacks of rubble and concrete waste. Around the corner, about six rusted shipping containers sat in a neat line with a bunch of ancient utes parked on top. My words were eaten. Locations trump the street. Especially when there are diggers concerned.

Behind the scenes photos below.

Oliver Rose, Ruby Read and Ben Walls

Hairdresser Jason Li and me

Imogen Watt (she’s so hot right now)

Emma Rosenberg (two Jews)

Oliver Rose


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