#1192 Behind the scenes at a 1AM editorial shoot

The above video has just come in from Glenn Hunt – it’s a behind the scenes look at a 1AM editorial featuring 15 year old Imogen Watt (she’s so hot right now). It was accompanied by the following:

“Here is a brand new behind the scenes video professionally produced by Ross Stokes, from our latest issue due out end week. Maybe you could post it to enlighten people about the reality of a 1AM shoot, particularly one with a young model, and not the twisted scenario some of your followers seem to have in their minds.”

Well, twisted-minded followers, what say you?


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  1. says

    OK so a behind the scenes video shot after the allegations were made with a well known model to prove that they couldn’t happen… Twisted readers… Don’t you think they could be your readers too… Well I find nothing like insults to win people over.

    Besides all this great initiative, when all their photo shoots realease behind the scenes footage I am sure it will help to close the door on this one.

  2. says

    SI.BORG – I’m 100% with you. If all magazines released professionally shot behind the scenes videos of editorial shoots, they’d be far less likely to try and get away with dodgy stuff.

    Craig – I think he means online.

  3. says

    Sometimes I just don’t get you Isaac. For someone who purports to be all about peace, love and like, you stir a great deal.

    Glenn did not say that your followers were “twisted-minded” as you put it, only that they were imagining a “twisted scenario”. And certainly they must be, if they were imagining a normal scenario, there would be nothing to concern over at all.

    As a side note – I don’t have any news that is worthy of your blog. But if I ever do, I certainly won’t be telling you for fear of misrepresentation.

  4. says

    Somebody has too. Glenn went out of his way to produce a video to appease. But we’re still not happy. Why?

    As far as I can tell, the anti-Glenn Hunt & 1am claims are based on nothing. As far as I am aware there have been no models come forward, even anonymously, to support them. It’s all based on rumor.

    We do though, have visual proof of a very innocent photoshoot. Sure, it’s creation was very biased, but it’s the only actual evidence there is. And it refutes all & any negative claims.

    Show some proof. Then there will be no protest, instead support. People are blindly jumping onto the critical bandwagon.

    Karen Inderbitzen-Waller was called a paedofile one several occasions for the Lonely Hearts lingerie shoot. The model was over 18. Again, comments based on rumor, not on proof.

  5. Anonymous says

    i dont see how this proves squat – the film has been edited to bits, obviously…

    im curious – did they have the model getting undressed next to the car, on the street???

  6. B.T.E says

    Glenn Hunt seems to have a lot to say about this issue mentioned ages ago – I though we moved on. However you can’t blame someone for feeling slightly suspicious if he’s still trying to protect his name ololol

  7. Mike says

    Cant help but notice that anytime someone critiques you Isaac you responses are few and far between. Step up son.

  8. Mike says

    Are blogs not supposed to be a forum for healthy debate?

    If not, then why do so many bloggers (this includes you Isaac) attempt to stir the pot so vigorously.

    I’m with Cam on this one. I normally have so much more respect for your work Isaac.

    If you are brave enough to attempt a reasonably light hearted smear, then I think you should be big enough to back up your claims by at least responding to those who oppose your viewpoint.

  9. Anonymous says

    I think that perhaps unlike yourselves(Mike & Cam),Isaac is involved in the very small industry that is the NZ fashion business. People in the industry know what goes on with this particular publication(and in other places too I’m sure) whether we speak about it or not. The Industry is small and no one can afford to piss anyone off. It’ll ultimately affect your work and the ability for you to do your job, turning a blind eye is often required to just get the job done.You can be sure some of the top modeling agencies in this country have heard of this behavior but will continue to send their girls to these shoots unsupervised. It’s a particularly sad but true reality.

  10. says

    vote with your feet (or checkbook whatever)- dont like the aesthetic- dont buy the mag- it’s so easy to stir the pot after the fact. pavenment was dodgy, 1am was dodgy— so I don’t buy the mags. enough people don’t buy in….end of mag, end of problem.

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