#1197 Tobe popup store tomorrow at Huffer

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I seem to be the last person to have heard about these here shoes by the name of Tobe, but that just gives me extra impetus to go along to their pop up store tomorrow. Worn runs from 10am till 7pm at Huffer HQ (42 Greys Ave, Auckland CBD) and will no doubt be a good time filled with shoes and revelry and maybe even some drinks and sausages? Tobe (ah ah ah) perfectly honest, I’m no sneaker freaker, but these ones don’t look too bad. They’re kind of like a cross between Adidas Stan Smith and Chucks, with a bit of an Encylopedia Brown bent. My jam. Prices run between $195-$205 for the lows, $240-$260 for the mids and $260-$290 for the highs. And remember folks, if we buy Kiwi, we’ve got it made (but I think these ones were made in Indonesia).

More photos below.


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