#1198 Tyra Banks announces ANTM’s NZ trip in weird but wonderfully stereotyped way

Remember when America’s Next Top Model filmed in New Zealand? Well the episodes are about to begin, starting Wednesday 28 April (in the US). After all that time. To announce the upcoming trip (as seen in the promo above), Tyra Banks and her fellow judges – Andre Leon Talley, Nigel Barker and guest judge Whitney Port, declare how tired they are. “I’m a little bit exhausted,” says ALT. “Yeah, I’m kinda sleepy too, to be honest with you,” agrees Nigel Barker. “I’m so tired,” groans Whitney Port. “You know, it’s crazy, like, I have been such an insomniac and I have not slept in I don’t know how long. I feel like we should take a power nap or something… Let’s catch some zees,” intones Tyra Banks, pulling out a pillow. Barker and Port follow suit. At which point an Outback Jack lookalike ‘New Zealander’ appears from stage left.

“I can help you catch some zeeoys.”

Obviously, like all New Zealand men, he’s a shepherd. Not that the word shepherd is used much in New Zealand, but it should be, because, y’know, we’re just one step forward from the New Testament down here. And the accent. Oh dear lord. Don’t get me started on the accent. In all my life of meeting international people at home and abroad, I’m yet to come across a single non-New Zealander who can get the New Zealand accent right. This American actor is no exception. But he gives it a good go.

“One of the best ways to catch zees,” he says, “is to count sheeoyp.”

Mystical looking clouds appear on set and a bunch of brown sheep are walked around the delighted models.

More clouds appear, this time, above the judges.

“Hey, I think it’s working,” says ALT, pulling a green letter Z from the cloud directly above his head. “I’m catching a zee…”

“I got a zee too,” says Barker, snatching one with his left hand.

“I’m catching zees too,” says Whitney Port curiously, pulling one down.

Tyra Banks stands, and pulls at an enormous Z hovering above her head. It comes down to reveal a poster featuring all manners of Kiwiana – The New Zealand flag, the Sky Tower (twice), the Auckland skyline at night, an unusual looking Maori carving, a Kiwi road sign, a sheep, a bungee jumping bridge, mountains… and the words NEW ZEALAND in bold.

“To catch more zees you’re going to New Zealand!” shouts Tyra.

See? It all makes perfect sense.

Ooooo I can’t wait to see the local talent on the world stage.

Only five more sleeps!!


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  1. oldgirl says

    nothing to do with this very silly show. i was given as a gift the nz. fashion book from a good friend. interesting who was not in it, any designers who are commercial and been doing well for years and selling off shore do not seem to make the grade. I think it is a book on so called cool designer not about nz. fashion as a whole

  2. says

    The “New Zealand” poster looks like it was put together in 30 seconds using Microsoft Word ’95 (love the use of the ‘wordart’) and images from Encarta. Perhaps the producers thought that using low-grade software gave a more authentic ‘New Zealand feel’ to it?? It’s cute how excited the girls are to be coming our way though!

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