#1200 Directors play musical chairs at NZ’s fast fashion firms – update

Image: Katherine Lowe

The missing link in the story of all the director-hopping going on at Barkers, MAX and Hallensteins last fortnight was Barkers MD Zac De Silva, who was staying very quiet about his upcoming plans. I have them – he’s going to Moochi, where he will take on the role of General Manager.

“Moochi is a powerful brand in women’s fashion retail in New Zealand,” says De Silva. “We have plans to take the great place that Moochi is in today, and to take it to a new level… I find Chris and Kellie very inspirational in the way that they have self made Moochi into what it is today. I think as a joint team we will be able to do amazing things. We are not planning to make Moochi a ‘women’s Barkers’, as in a big chain store, Moochi will keep its unique positioning as it is.”

As General Manager, De Silva will take on the day to day running of the business (leaving Chris and Kellie to focus on design and branding), and immediate plans include hiring at head office. They’re currently on the look out for new staff (an accountant in particular – enquire here).

“The main reason we have Zac coming on board is because we have so many things we would like to do with the business and as the business has grown we have been so focussed in the business it has been getting harder to work on it,” says Kellie Taylor. “Zac is joining us to run the daily and to work with us on new business initiatives. It’s going to be fun! There are lots if ideas on next steps which we will nut through over the coming months.”

Best of luck to Zac in his new role.


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