#1202 The bare necessities

To make myself sound just a little bit more hypocritical after that last post, here’s a list of things I need right now. Note that I said need and not want. These are necessities. Bare necessities. They include – spectacles, candles, shoes, tee shirts, pants, blazers and sweaters. First up, grey flannel pants (above), oh, and look – beige socks. I do believe this is the photo that launched a thousand ships. Fred Astaire would have approved.

See below.

I am long sighted with stigmatisms but I very rarely wear my glasses. I should. If I had these Moscot Originals Yukel frames, I would.

I don’t own a good single breasted blazer. I need one. I’ve got a great navy double breasted blazer with gold buttons from Working Style but double breasted isn’t the most practical wardrobe item in the world. For winter all I need is a heavy weight single breasted blazer. It could be flannel, Donegal tweed, Harris tweed – I’m not fussy. While we’re here, that tie pin wouldn’t go astray either.

Air Max 180s might be a slightly better option for rocking the SNEANS than my Asics running shoes.

Back in the days when I had a tee shirt brand (I actually had two – Misfit and then Two White Buddies), I always wanted to make a The Dharma Bums print. For some reason – copyright infringement or otherwise – I didn’t. Out of Print Clothing licenses iconic book covers and makes them into tee shirts. Clever. And only $USD28. I like the four above. You can see more here.

This photo inspired my love for crew neck sweaters. It’s Jeremy Hackett, writer of Mr Classic (my favourite book about menswear and the place from whence this image came). See the correct placement of the shirt collar tucked inside the crew neck? I’m thinking a hand knitted one would be good, in a forest or tawny green. Elbow pads essential. Are you there Mum? It’s me Isaac.

I have candles burning in my room about 16 hours a day. Especially these beeswax ones. I get them from Trade Aid or from Cameron at Flotsam and Jetsam. They’re only $11 and they last two weeks. This one is almost done.

Image credits: Mr Classic, Moscot, Mr Classic, Nike (found somewhere online), Out of Print, Mr Classic, my bedroom.


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  1. Leonie says

    Yes, Katherine, so do I. And shirt collars? I loathe them when they are being brazen and out there for all the world to see. Get inside where you belong!!!

  2. says

    Love elbow patches on knitwear – mostly because mine all actually have worn through holes in them so the patches are actually functional. oh and i NEED one of those tshirts.

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