#1203 This Must Be It – your pocket sized guide to Auckland’s best bits

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If there’s one thing I’m sick to death of, it’s my friends complaining about how boring Auckland is. Like my Dad always says, (and I paraphrase), if you’re disgruntled where you are now, you’ll be disgruntled wherever you are – it doesn’t matter where you go because you’ll still be the same person. I couldn’t agree more. Auckland is not a bad place to live. Incessant complainers are bad. Auckland – 1, incessant complainers – 0. So I love This Must Be It. Created by Jonny Calder at Coffee Supreme, it’s a pocket sized companion to life in Auckland’s inner suburbs. Filled with all the best spots – Ripe for sandwiches; Flotsam and Jetsam for knick knacks and beeswax candles; Tatty’s for some quick cash; Wunderkammer for clothing, candles and jewellery; Sal’s for a slice; T Whites for an ultimate hipster fix; Mondial for some fries; The Department Store for just about everything… I could go on.

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Jonny Calder had the following to say about This Must Be It:

“Our map came about after people kept asking us about the new cafes in Auckland. Because we work for a coffee company we’re normally pretty in the know. It then turned into a little project where we realized it wasn’t just about new places but old favorite spots too which you may have forgotten. It’s basically a list of friends and businesses we like. Not just coffee but whatever.”

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“We also wanted to produce something that hopefully people would put up on their walls and would last. A different artist will provide artwork for the map each issue. There’s also plans to do a limited run of signed maps each run. We’re planning on 3 issues a year and will only ever print a limited amount without reprinting to keep them a bit special. We’re actually already running low so grab one if you can. There’s still some healthy stacks at our place, Good One (42 Douglas St, Ponsonby).

“Our amazing mates at Special Problems who are well known for their music videos were keen to get involved and designed the layout and also the artwork for the first map which is beautiful. They’ll continue to design it and possibly art-direct some of the artwork. We’re quite keen for creative people who perhaps don’t do work for print etc to get involved and could do a piece with Special Problems.”

Alongside the printed map, there’s a digital version online at Coffee Supreme’s blog, with a google map that can be easily accessed by iPhones and the like.

This Must Be It is an ongoing project so if you’d like to be included in their next issue, email Jonny on thismustbeit@coffeesupreme.co.nz.

“It’s not at all a list of the only spots in Auckland we like,” says Jonny. “It’s just great to get out there and explore our own area. It’s also nice to have something pretty to put on your wall.”


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  1. Anonymous says

    I wonder if the name (THIS MUST BE IT) is a royksopp reference? Not sure why or how that makes sense but anyway…

    Hope so. I loooooove that song.

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