#1206 Good as Gold online shop live – saving you a trip to Wellington

Photo: Louise Hatton

Good as Gold has been holding down the quirky streetwear fort in Wellington for quite some time now, specialising in denim, tee shirts, sneakers and off-the-beaten-track designers like Henrik Vibskov and Claude Maus. All very good and well if you’re a Wellingtonian, but if you’re not, it’s kind of like telling someone one of those ‘Oh, guess you had to be there,’ type stories. And then laughing. Until now. GAG’s founder Ruben Bryant has just launched the Good as Gold online store. It’s packed with all sorts of good (pun intended) stuff, my favourites being this sweater by Henrik Vibskov, this sweater by Wood Wood and this hat by Brixton. And for the ladies, I liked this Cheap Monday cardigan and this Cheap Monday denim short sleeved shirt. Plus there’s a super fresh lookbook (which includes the photo above – holla at your snousers). Did I mention shipping was free? Well it is. Check out the screengrabs below, and then click here to go shopping.


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  1. Anonymous says

    well mr anonymous.. arent you just super informed. wheres you blog with the news for all of us who didnt know…

    yours sincerely
    equally anonymous

  2. Anonymous says

    oh oh can I be anonymous too? I think that the best thing about being anonymous is that you can leave silly comments that are absolutely pointless. Bravo Anonymous No.1 … bravo!

    Anonymous Andrew

  3. Anonymous says

    I think what the first anonymous commentator was trying to get at was the fact that rather than this article being ‘fashion news’ it reads more like a press release…

  4. Anonymous says

    Arghhh!! NO, I think the whole point of this was that in fact the Good as Gold web store has been re-designed – they have been selling online for years, but have recently relaunched the site, and it looks mighty fine guys. Well done!!

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