#1207 HOLY F!CK party on tonight

First things first, I do not approve of swear words. Nor do I approve of nuns smoking. But I do like a good party as much as the next guy, so here’s my spiel for Holy F!ck. I went along last week and it was a very good time. Plenty of good looking boys and girls (see below); a great venue that includes a unisex basin – perfect for keeping tabs on your date’s cleanliness levels; a bouncer who doubles as a singer; and some good music courtesy of Space Creeps. “This week we are super excited to host the DFDHD-J set!,” says Holy F!ck founder Connor Nestor. “We are big fans of having bands we love play for us and in this case DJ, because we know musicians generally have the best taste in music.” Holy F!ck starts at 9pm at Flight Lounge and doesn’t cost anything to get in. I’ll be there from about 10pm. Come have a non alcoholic shot with me.

To entice you further, check out all the good looking boys and girls* you’re likely to see tonight, below.

Photos: Frana Hollands & Asher Walker

*Good looking boys and girls and straight thuggin’ gangstas.

p.s. I know it says 14 April in the poster, but that’s the one they sent me. So what can you do?


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