#1208 The Brief – photos for charity

“Often, and not just in the creative world, one works to a brief. In this case, there isn’t one.” How good is that sentence? It sounds like something Enya might say. Or Luna Lovegood. One or the other. The Brief is a photographic exhibition running from 29 April – 6 May at Shed 5, Deus Ex Machina, featuring limited edition photographs by Carolyn Haslett (above), Jackie Meiring, David Shields, Russ Flatt and Steve Tilley. Each photograph is a limited edition of five and will be sold with 100% of the profits going to CanTeen – supporting New Zealand teenagers living with cancer. Doors open at 6pm tonight. Go along. Buy some photos.

More photos below.

Photos: 1. Carolyn Halslett 2. Jackie Meiring 3. David Shields 4. Russ Flatt 5. Steve Tilley.


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  1. says

    Anon – according to the press release:

    Each photographer is showing between 3 and 5 photographs ranging in size. Each photograph is from a limited edition of 5.
    Each piece is being sold – lowest price $700… and upwards. ALL profits go to CanTeen, NZ teens living with cancer.

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