#1209 Fabric has 100 pairs of Comme Play Chuck Taylors

Comme Play Chuck Taylors have landed in New Zealand. We weren’t supposed to get them here due to an issue with Converse licensing, but that must have all been cleared up because I’ve just received word from Leon at Fabric that they arrived yesterday and are on the shop floor this morning. Fabric has 100 pairs – 25 of each style (see the photos below) – lows and highs in black and lows and highs in cream. All with a red Comme Play heart. $185 for the lows, $195 for the highs. I’d get in quick, they’ll sell out super quickly. I bought the cream ones in Paris, and as far as I can tell they fit slightly differently than normal Chucks – a little longer and a little narrower. Must be a Japanese thing. Or I could just be crazy. The highs are the best, the All Star is embroidered. Fresh to def.

All the styles

My ones


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