#1211 Eight things you didn’t know about America’s Next Top Model’s first New Zealand episode

Miss Jay and Colin Mathura-Jeffee with “May-oh-ree performers” on Mt Eden

Just finished watching the first New Zealand episode of America’s Next Top Model. It was good – no cultural cringe and a few information gaps were filled. Here are eight things that you might not have known.

1. New Zealand’s Next Top Model‘s Sara Tetro and Colin Mathura-Jeffree feature prominently. Colin greets the girls atop Mt Eden at the very beginning of the show (which literally was about 30 minutes after the girls landed in New Zealand), telling them, “As a model you always must be ready. You must land in a country and always be prepared to go on go sees.”

2. Sara Tetro acts as guest judge on the show. Her all-business manner works a treat with the (OTT) American girls, and she cuts them down to size again and again. Her best lines include: “The thing I like most about this photo is the composition. But that’s a compliment to the photographer, not to you.” and “I don’t like it at all – I’m not into armpits.” and “This photo – I don’t like it at all. You’ve killed your personality in this shot.”

3. Six New Zealand designers feature in the episode – Cybele Wiren, Twenty-Seven Names, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Emma Ford Swimwear, Annah Stretton and Kate Sylvester. The only non designer seen thus far (besides Sara Tetro and Colin Mathura-Jeffree) is stylist Karen Inderbitzen Waller at Kate Sylvester.

4. New Zealanders really hate Ugg boots. One of the contestants, Alexandra, wears them on her go sees to the local designers and two – Twenty-Seven Names’ Anjali Stewart and Stolen Girlfriends Club’s Luke Harwood both make comments. Anjali Stewart – “She was wearing Ugg boots. It was a definite down point for her.” Luke Harwood – “She had a good personality but she was a bit casual, just hanging out in her Ugg boots and stuff.”

5. Takapuna’s Sentinel building (where the Top Models stayed) is the tallest in New Zealand, according to contestant Angelea. Who knew?

6. New Zealand sheep have giant curly horns. The photographic segment of the episode is lensed by Nigel Barker in North Island farmland – possibly around the Warkworth area – and includes a very woolly sheep with big horns. It’s a well behaved sheep, staying placid as one contestant grabs it by the horns and another lies on top of it. When it comes time for the judging panel to give the girls their thoughts, Andre Leon Talley tells the subject of a particularly uninspired photo, “I’m more intrigued by the sheep.” Sheep – 1, Models – 0.

7. New Zealand tribal men wear “butt flaps”, according to one contestant after witnessing a haka. Miss Jay calls them May-oh-rees just like Hansel does in Zoolander.

8. The 62 Models office shown in the episode is not the real 62 Models office. It’s a room in the Union Fish Building near Britomart. 62 Models is up by Karangahape Road.

More next week.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Don’t all the New Zealanders just seem so dull on this show? Even the usually flamboyant Colin Mathura-Jeffees just comes across as boring.
    Hopefully they start to show a bit more personality in upcoming episodes. The only person i really came across with a bit of personality was Emma Ford.

  2. says

    Interesante. I was wondering why the logo at the office of the 62 “headquarters” didn’t match the one on the agency’s website.

  3. oldgirl says

    that was fun to watch on a wet afternoon in dunedin did not rate the models but the sheep looked good and so did the country side. some funny designers they choose none of the big one, well maybe Kate

  4. Anonymous says

    Pretty embarrassing for Emma Ford that ALT unwittingly dissed her designs.

    Oh and Annah Stretton wasn’t shown, she sent some ring in along (also with bad hair)

  5. Anonymous says

    Those models are pretty busted.

    If there is a “next top model” in the bunch, it would only be through cutting off Raina’s face and Angalea’s legs and putting them on Krista.

    Also, there might as well be a whole reality show dedicated to maoris on mt eden. Did they call up the same kapahaka group from the amazing race?? Find a new cliche plz tyra.

  6. says

    I still can’t believe all 6 designers chose Angelea – pretty amazing considering she didn’t make the cut in season 12.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. says

    You can watch it on TV Dome…http://www.tv-dome.net/

    I Looove Colin & Sarah, but Colin was wearing ED HARDY!!! And Sarah’s outfit at panel was some flowery number, she didn’t look her usual hip self? I agree, the Kiwis came across as rather dull. :-( Beautiful scenery though!

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