#1223 Oliver Rose’s favourite photos of RAFW thus far

Georgia Fowler having her eyebrows glued at Zambesi – photos: Oliver Rose

I’m very lucky to have Oliver Rose working with me here at RAFW – his backstage photographs have vastly improved my fashion week coverage and it makes a huge difference to have friends around (Katherine Lowe has been great too, though I’m jealous of her ability to take photos and write all funny like). It’s Oliver’s first time at a fashion week and his first time shooting backstage, an experience he describes as, “Intense – particularly when it comes to dealing with old school elbow-throwing photographers and amazonian models.”

These are his favourite photos of the week so far.

Bella Barber doing the werewolf at Zambesi

Emma Powers at Stolen Girlfriends Club

Michael Whittaker at Zambesi

A Canadian girl at Sara Phillips

Greta at Sara Phillips

Tripping off the catwalk at Sabatini White


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  1. Anonymous says

    Just a quick tip for Oliver: Mate, you’re running your ISO and/or your Noise Reduction settings too high. It’s smearing out the details and making the photos look like they were taken with an inexpensive P&S.

    I’m not sure if you’re using a Diffuser. If you’re not you may want to grab one or make one.

  2. says

    hahaha look at you haters this blog is fuckin awsome stop wasting your time hating on it ha. good to meet you today isac, from your fellow n.z zac

  3. Anonymous says

    love the blog!
    however your photographer needs to practise a bit more, he has horrible framing and composition throughout all the RAFW with huge gaps above people’s heads and cut off torso’s
    please tell him to lower the camera when he is taking portraits

    apart from that they are great though!

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